Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.217 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on July 18th, 2016

As usual, we have new fixes and improvements to share! 2.217 Minor release of Flexmonster Component is already available for download!

Please find all the updates that have been done over the past 2 weeks below:


1.[NEW COMPRESSOR PHP] Support of MySQLi was added.



2.[FIX] The issue with exporting Flat Table to Excel when the customFields are defined was fixed.

3.[FIX] The issue with empty Drill Through for data containing levels was fixed.

4.[FIX] The issue with showing too long data in Drill Through mode was fixed.

5.[FIX] The issue with setting “string” type to numeric fields with zero values in JSON was fixed.

6.[FIX] The issue with filtering specific numeric hierarchies was fixed.


7.[FIX ACCELERATOR] The issue with the error in query parser when typing in filter search in Chinese was fixed.

8.[FIX ACCELERATOR] The issue with invalid request signature was fixed.


Get already updated version!

We greatly appreciate your feedback and requests regarding the use of the Component and are always happy to see your questions here.

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