Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.221 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on September 12th, 2016

Our developers are fully focused on 2.3 release to finish it in time. So, this week you will not find the big list of enhancements but those we did are still useful for you. Please take a look:


1.[NEW HTML5] The data is being saved into the report with the new compression algorithm now.

Previously we faced a problem that the loaded reports with old .ocsv format were not working with the updated Compressor. That is why we made some changes that allow you to save your reports in the correct format, the same that we are using in our Flexmonster Data Compressor for .NET, Java and PHP.



2.[FIX] The issue with data inconsistency when using the Compressor was fixed.


Download 2.221 version of Flexmonster JS Pivot.

Follow our blog with latest news regarding the Web Pivot Table Component.

Also, if you have some questions or suggestions that you want to see in next minor releases, please leave them in our Question section.


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