Component Features

Compose Report Layout
Select which dimensions & values to show

Users can easily change a report's layout visually and examine data from different perspective:

  • Users can compose report layout in a minute - decide which dimensions should be placed to rows, columns or filter-area.
  • Composing the report is as easy as drag and drop rows and column.
  • Users can select an aggregation of the values to see well-consolidated reports.
  • The following predefined aggregations are supported: Sum, Count, Distinct Count, Average, Product, Min, Max, Percent of Grand Total, Percent of Column, Percent of Row, Index, Difference, Percent Difference.
  • Even if you don't use OLAP, Pivot Table will aggregate and visualize the data immediately in real time.
  • The users can hide or show totals and sub-totals for the values.
  • The numeric values can be formatted: currencies and decimal places/separator.
  • Finally it is possible to change the style of the report on the fly to make it looking more visually impressive.
The power of Pivot report composing allows you to stop guessing all possible report scenarios your end-users might require.