Component Features

Control look & feel with CSS & API

Pivot Table Component not only gives your business data a pretty look, it also adds smart analysis features like filtering, drill-down, report export and styles.

You can control and customize these all features with configuration of the report and powerful API. Any feature can be deactivated, enabled or configured to work differently from the default behavior.

Developers can control the following aspects of the component:

  • The appearance of the user controls, grid and charts - with CSS.
  • The report configuration allows to enable/disable any features, select the data source and compose the default slice.
  • The Pivot Component has extensive JavaScript API. This allows updating client-side table, listening user events and maintaining states or saving it.
  • You can define the desired behavior of the component or override certain features (filters, formatting cells, setting links, etc) with API.
  • The component has JavaScript API for web-based applications and Flex API for Flex applications.
  • The Pivot Component can be localized to fit multi-language requirements.

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