Component Features

For Flex-application
Easy embed into Flex application as SWC component

It is easy to embed Pivot Table Component into Flex application as SWC component.

The Pivot Table Component for Flex has a very flexible and easy to learn API that allows you to create Pivot tables and charts in very few lines of code. You can also do advanced things like exporting the reports as images or PDFs, exporting data as CSV or Excel.

The component is compatible with Flex SDK 3.x and later.

Pivot Table Component is ideal alternative to OLAPDataGrid for your Flex solutions. The OLAPDataGrid in Flex is not full-featured Pivot Table. Flexmonster Pivot Table has a number of critical features which are totally absent in OLAPDataGrid:

  • Flexmonster Pivot Table can collapse/expand both rows and columns (while OLAPDataGrid can do this for rows only)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table is optimized for large volumes of data (millions of rows) visualization (while OLAPDataGrid becomes terribly slow for rendering and scrolling even after 2-3 thousands facts)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table has features for the analyst to configure reports on-the-fly (configure the dimension, switch views, auto-sorting and filtering)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table can work with OLAP server via connection string (while OLAPDataGrid needs additional data preparation)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table has Pivot Charts showing the same grid visualization but in charts view

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