Component Features

OLAP Cubes
Visualize data from OLAP cubes (MS Analysis Services or Pentaho Mondrian)

Pivot Table Component can connect to OLAP cubes via XMLA protocol. XMLA is XML for Analysis - an industry standard for data access in analytical systems, such as OLAP and Data Mining.

The following business intelligence software works well with the Pivot Table Component:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (2005, 2008)
  • Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian)
  • any other business intelligence software supporting XMLA standard

Both Microsoft Analysis Services and Pentaho Analysis Services data sources are fully supported by the Pivot Table Component. If connected to such a data source, the Pivot Table Component delegates all data management and calculations to the server-side.

This method will greatly increase your application's performance if you are dealing with large data volumes. In such case it could take a long time for a client browser to recalculate all the data. It works much faster when request server-side data recalculation and then simply display the received result.

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