Component Features

Pivot Table
Hierarchical data display & grouping

Pivot Table Component helps you to create interactive Pivot tables & charts reports for web and Flex applications. Pivot Component will provide your customers with an extremely intuitive end-user experience while creating and analyzing reports.

After the component is embedded into your application users will immediately get a variety of powerful features to meet their real-time business analysis needs:

  • Display quickly the complex data from OLAP cubes, SQL databases, JSON or static CSV files into compact and summarized visual reports - tables and charts.
  • Data is automatically arranged into a tree structure with expandable parents. End-users can expand or collapse child groups to see more summarized or raw reports.
  • The drillable Pivot Charts provide a powerful method to expose the real-time business data to analysts.
  • Users can easily change a report's layout visually and examine data from different perspective (you don't have to foresee all possible report scenarios your end-users might require).
  • Each report data can be filtered, sorted, formatted (currencies, numbers). User defines data totals and subtotals, the look of the report too.
  • Report data can be visually highlighted with icons or color.
  • You can link report data to external sources or other reports.
  • Users can create new reports, save their created report layout and share with other.
  • Finally the report data can be printed or exported as PDF file, Excel, CSV, image or HTML page.