Flex and AIR components for Salesforce

Products and Rich UI components for Salesforce CRM users and developers

Flexmonster delivers Flex-driven Flash applications integrated with Salesforce apps. Rich Internet applications are now delivered through an on-demand enterprise platform.


  • Extremely usable interface for the user
  • Work stable even with unstable connection
  • Great visualization of pipeline
  • Convenient organizational chart
  • Lightning-fast opportunity manager
  • AIR application

Featured Solutions: Pipeline Manager for Salesforce

Jeffrey Ram, Empire Office Furniture

This is the best app I have ever seen! This is like a dream come true for a salesperson. I have worked with CRM's for years but I have never been able to actually visualize my pipeline. This helps me decide if an opportunity is qualified or unqualified very quickly. The sales processor allows me to boilerplate the process that has worked for successful deals.

Flexmonster has partnered with Pipeline Manager to deliver Flex-driven Flash applications that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce.com applications. This Rich Internet Application delivers an ultra-fast, ultra-smart window into Salesforce's world-class on-demand enterprise platform. It eliminates the most common objections and compliance issues using a macro-mashup of two fractured business segments. It is a game-changing streamlining of CRM.

The Pipeline bridges gaps among sales, sales management, HR finance - and their customers.

Key features:

  • REAL pipeline visibility
  • ultra-fast, graphical sales pipeline
  • opportunity management system
  • 'Sales Processor' makes your sales process second-nature for even the newest rep
  • Efficient

The new 80/20 Rule: Do 80% of your work in 20% of the time

It's finally easier to use a Sales Process than to work 'by instinct'

Get forecasts based on what the customer actually plans to do


Featured Solutions: AIR Opportunities Manager for Salesforce


  • AIR application
  • Ultra-fast opportunity management system
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • In-cell editing
  • Auto saving


Connectivity and queues

Application is able to work stable in conditions of unstable connection.

Pipeline manager is keeping connection, reconnecting when channel is unstable, building a queue of calls. If some call was unsuccessful it will be repeated. Connection status messages shows user the status of application and connection.


Organization hierarchy

Organization Chart tool visualizes the organization hierarchy in a simplest and convenient way. Visual tree is much more informative than standard SalesForce html page.


Access control lists (ACL)

In general, access control list (ACL) is a list of permissions attached to an object. The platform realizes ACL to SalesForce objects based on the organization hierarchy. It means that each sales has access only to the data which is allowed for him/her according to his/her organization role.


Supporting huge data amounts

We created the optimized mechanism of simultaneous retrieving and visualizing huge amounts of data. The platform is able to manipulate with thousands of opportunities.


Pipeline visualization

Pipeline tool visualizes all the opportunities as sales pipeline. Real pipeline visualization gives an ability to see the shape of the sales pipeline.


Lightning-fast opportunity manager

We created the optimized mechanism of simultaneous retrieving and visualizing huge amounts of data. The application is able to manipulate with thousands of opportunities.


Michael Bonner, Pipeline Manager

Studies of World Class Selling Organizations show that they are more likely to try new approaches. The Pipeline is a radically new approach that delivers: Ultra-Fast Customer Relationship Management. Complex selling that's... EASY! More than transparency - sales accountability.

Cheryl Donahue, Pointserve

We found Pipeline Manager because we were struggling with an easy, intuitive way to manage and report on our sales pipeline. Similar to all sales organizations we struggle with entering the right data, in the right place, in a short amount of time, and have the ability to report on it.