Some questions about license, license upgrade and domain limit

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I have some questions need your clarification.
1. If I buy a “ENTERPRISE ADVANCED HTML5 edition” license perpetually(paid $1999), does it means I can update to your new version perpetually?
2. If I first buy a “ENTERPRISE SITE HTML5 edition” license perpetually(paid $999), after a while I find my CSV data is more than 4M, so I need a “ENTERPRISE ADVANCED HTML5 edition” license, can I upgrade to a “ENTERPRISE ADVANCED HTML5 edition” license? How much I need to pay?
3. If I buy a license for my corporate domain, can I use it under a sub-domain eg.

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daniil Staff November 26, 2015

Thank you for your request! My name is Daniil, I am a Sales Manager at Flexmonster.
1. In case you purchase any perpetual license you will get 1 year of free maintenance (support & updates). Therefore you will be able to update our component to the newest versions that would be released within the period of your active maintenance for free. If you decide to renew your maintenance in one year after the purchase you will need to pay 50% of license cost and correspondingly get another year of maintenance.
2. It is possible to make the upgrade to the higher edition as you mentioned in your question. So you will need to pay the difference cost of $1000 in the case of upgrading from Enterprise Site to Enterprise Advanced: $1000(=$1999-$999). But still admit that such upgrade is available only in case you have an active maintenance of your current license.
3. You can get additional license keys within a Single Corporate License for using at several sub-domains in your or your client’s intranet. Ordinary we provide such license keys within Single Corporate License for some departments or branches of the company which is utilizing our component. Still note that we do not provide license keys for sub-domains of branches of the same business company or group in other countries.
Considering that our communication might relate to more specific commercial discourse in the future, I propose you to apply to my personal email for further
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