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What’s new in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Conditional Formatting

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as we update the Component with new features every new week the information might be outdated, please check our latest news.

Flexmonster is about to release a brand new version of the Pivot Table & Charts component, version 1.5. One of the features we are proud of is ability to apply conditional formatting, right as most users used to do in Microsoft Excel.

Conditional formatting empowers ability to focus even more on the trends and information that has to bring attention.

Conditional formatting with Flexmonster Pivot

The formatting allows you to create rules for cell values and format them with specific styles if the condition for a cell value is met. The following styles are supported:

  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Text color
  • Cell background color

Click Add to create more conditions with different formatting. What’s more, there’s practically no limit towards the number of conditions.

The formatting may be added to pivot table totals and sub-totals only, by selecting respective measure. Click apply to see the re-formatted pivot table.

And by the way, if you decide to save the report, all the conditional formatting will be saved as well and loaded when report is retrieved.