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Flexmonster Introduces AMF For Best OLAP Reporting Speed

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as we update the Component with new features every new week the information might be outdated, please check our latest news.

Speed is everything when it comes to DSS (decision-support systems) analytics dashboards and the pivot tables, which usually operate large payloads of OLAP data. The utmost necessity is to see and browse the BI data in an instant or at least within acceptable time.

While most components and solutions are highly relying on “talking to backend” with each report refresh, Flexmonster pivot table loads complete package of data, which allows you to quickly sort, filter or apply conditions at once. Given that proprietary or text-based formats like CSV or XMLA are not compact at all, our team has decided to introduce AMF format as a more compact way to deal with big data.

Our studies show that AMF drastically increases the reporting speed – e.g. the 1Gb payload from Mondrian using the native XMLA protocol is just some 40Mb with AMF! This may contain million of facts and records, loaded instantly in your pivot table report or charts.

AMF stands for Action Message Format and is a binary format that is commonly used to serialize object data and send via web service to and from the application. AMF was introduced since Flash Player version 6 and currently features a 3rd generation of its format called AMF3.

You are welcome to try it yourself and request personalized demo with AMF connection from our team.