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What’s New in Pivot Table v1.7. Single Styling Model

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Starting from version 1.7. it had been never easier to style the component to match your website or app corporate colors. Just a few rows of CSS will implement complete coloring scheme for datagrid, pivot controls and dialog windows such as Layout Editor or Filter.

Just open style CSS from your package and try adding the following lines into the code or replacing existing ones. In our case we would prefer to modify the default “red” style of Flexmonster Pivot by modifying border-color CSS attribute. For this purpose, locate the flexmonster\styles\baseStyleRed.css file inside the package in one of the demo folders and locate the default style.

default {
	fontFamily: "Lucida Sans Unicode";
	fontSize: 11;
	color: #000;	
	backgroundColor: #FFFFFF;
	borderColor: #0000FF;
	border-color: #0a70dc; /* main Border theme color */

Reload the page with Pivot Table to see new style applied! In some cases we recommend cleaning out the cache so that old stylesheet is purged from it. Then just reload the page so that new changes become effective. This is what you might see. Please note that default styling we’ve modified would also apply to all in-component dialog windows such as Filter or Layout Editor.

Styled Pivot Table

You might like in trying out your colors as well. This would be easiest and just less than 2 minutes way to make Pivot Table look exactly as your website, intranet or web product.