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What’s New in Flexmonster Release v2.1. Classic View. Drill-Through. Editing Cells.

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

Classic view (or in other words not-grouped view or classic mode) is probably one of the most frequently requested by our customers and leads features during years. This view mode simplifies data reading by showing hierarchy sub-levels one nearby another. Grand totals are traditionally showed at the end of each row.

Classic view can be easily switched on by setting

<param name="classicView">true</param>

in your report.xml file.

See how Flexmonster classic view looks below:

Flexmonster v2.1. Classic view
The same report in default look:

Flexmonster v2.1. Default view
Another important and highly demanded feature implemented in Flexmonster 2.1 is drill-through. Unlike drill-down which is a part of our current pivot table component’s functionality during a long period drill-through is more advanced feature that allows going deeper inside pivoted values down to the primary values. You can drill-through a cell by double-clicking on it.

Drill-through can be switched on by setting

<param name="drillThrough">true</param>

in your report.xml file.

Here’s how the window that appears as a result of drill-through looks:

Flexmonster v2.1. Drill-through
Along with drill-through Flexmonster 2.1 also includes editing cells feature. It allows users change the primary value that consequently influences aggregations values.

Editing cells is switched on by setting

<param name="editing">true</param>

in your report.xml file.

The cell can be edited by clicking on it:

Flexmonster v2.1. Editing cells
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