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Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Roadmap for 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Since we update Flexmonster Pivot with new features biweekly, the information might become outdated. Please check our latest news.

We hope you had a joyful holiday season and ready to start a new productive year full of new challenges and avenues. 

Our team has also prepared an ambitious plan for this year. 

We will present new features that will hugely extend the opportunities of those who already use a pivot table and provide these opportunities to those who always wanted to use Flexmonster but was tied with some tech-specifics.

We’re happy to present our roadmap for two upcoming releases we’ve planned for 2020. But don’t forget that we are constantly working on our product and you can always find some extra features in our minor releases that we publish fortnightly. 

Here’s what we bring to the table:

Version 2.8 

Flexmonster custom data source API

Our own API providing an ability to fetch already aggregated data from any server to Flexmonster Pivot. You can test this feature right away in our beta version.

New MongoDB connector 

Using our new custom data source API, we’re going to prepare a ready-to-use connector for the MongoDB database to extremely ease the connection process. 

Pivot table for Python

Flexmonster Pivot will be available for Python-based applications. This also applies to Jupyter Notebook.

Pivot table for R

Our pivot table will be available for R-powered web applications with Shiny.

Integration with Vue.js 

A new ready-to-use wrapper for smooth integration with the Vue.js framework. Following simple steps from the documentation, you’ll effortlessly add the reporting functionality to your Vue app.

The new mapping 

Тhe new mapping approach enables defining how the fields are represented and structured inside the component. It will be further improved in future releases.

Version 2.9 

Flexmonster Pivot 2.9 major release is in our plan for 2021.

We will add some 2.9 release features to the product’s minor updates, so you will have a chance to test and use them even earlier.

Want to glance at all the features planned for Flexmonster Pivot?
Read the preview of the Flexmonster 2.9 release.

Well, we are challenged a lot this year with our plan and very motivated to live it out for you.

Keep an eye out – we are going to announce the new release soon!