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Flash Player Global Security Settings

When you try to run Flexmonster Pivot & Charts component at the first time on your local machine it is very possible you will receive a warning message asking you to change settings of your Flash Player.

You have to allow communication between the component and JavaScript by setting mode to trusted.

We will provide you with step by step instructions below.

Security Settings setup

1. To change security settings go to Flash Player Settings Manager page.

2. Select the “Always allow” radio button on the top to allow security exceptions.

3. Click the “Edit Locations...” drop down box (marked as “1”), select “Add location…” option (marked as “2”) to open a dialog box.

4. Copy the location of your folder where you keep component’s files to the “Trust this location:” text field (marked as “1”) or select “Browse for folder…” (marked as “2”) and browse to this folder. Click the Confirm button (marked as “3”).

5. Now you should see the added location in the “Always trust files in these locations:” list.

6. After you add trusted locations, you must refresh the browser or reopen the index.html file.