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Ways of connecting to a database

NOTE: Flexmonster Data Compressor is not used to connect to SQL databases anymore since it is considered deprecated, so the approach described below is not relevant.

Analyzing the information from a database often comes with the necessity to secure the data properly. Database access management should be configured in accordance with business logic.

Direct connection to a database

Occasionally our customers are interested whether it is possible to connect to the database directly. This feature is not supported in Flexmonster due to security reasons. Connecting to the database requires login/password. Since Flexmonster is a fully client-side component, the direct connection to the database would require storing login/password in the browser and sending it in an insecure way.

Secure connection to a database

To avoid vulnerability, the connection to the database is always made on a server side. Our team developed a tool capable of connecting to the database. It converts the data fetched from the database to the CSV format and passes it to Flexmonster. Our tool is embedded in your back-end application. It is called Flexmonster Data Compressor and it ships together with Flexmonster Pivot.

Security aspects of using Flexmonster Data Compressor are covered in the sections below: