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  1. API reference
    1. flexmonster
    2. Report Object
    3. Options Object
    4. Format Object
  2. Methods
    1. addCalculatedMeasure
    2. addCondition
    3. addJSON
    4. addMeasure
    5. addStyleToMember
    6. addUrlToMember
    7. clear
    8. clearFilter
    9. clearXMLACache
    10. closeFieldsList
    11. collapseAllData
    12. collapseData
    13. connectTo
    14. dispose
    15. embedPivotComponent
    16. expandAllData
    17. expandData
    18. exportTo
    19. fullScreen
    20. getAllConditions
    21. getAllHierarchies
    22. getAllMeasures
    23. getCell
    24. getColumns
    25. getColumnWidth
    26. getCondition
    27. getData
    28. getFilter
    29. getFilterProperties
    30. getFormat
    31. getLabels
    32. getMeasures
    33. getMembers
    34. getOptions
    35. getPages
    36. getReport
    37. getRowHeight
    38. getRows
    39. getSelectedCell
    40. getSort
    41. getValue
    42. getXMLACatalogs
    43. getXMLACubes
    44. getXMLADataSources
    45. getXMLAProviderName
    46. gridColumnCount
    47. gridRowCount
    48. load
    49. off
    50. on
    51. open
    52. openFieldsList
    53. percentZoom
    54. print
    55. refresh
    56. removeAllCalculatedMeasures
    57. removeAllConditions
    58. removeAllMeasures
    59. removeCalculatedMeasure
    60. removeCondition
    61. removeMeasure
    62. removeSelection
    63. runQuery
    64. save
    65. setBottomX
    66. setChartTitle
    67. setColumnWidth
    68. setFilter
    69. setFormat
    70. setGridTitle
    71. setHandler
    72. setLabels
    73. setOptions
    74. setReport
    75. setRowHeight
    76. setSelectedCell
    77. setSort
    78. setStyle
    79. setTopX
    80. showCharts
    81. showGrid
    82. showGridAndCharts
    83. sortValues
    84. updateData
    85. zoomTo
    86. jsCellClickHandler
    87. jsFilterOpenHandler
    88. jsFieldsListCloseHandler
    89. jsFieldsListOpenHandler
    90. jsFullScreenHandler
    91. jsPivotCreationCompleteHandler
    92. jsPivotUpdateHandler
    93. jsReportChangeHandler
    94. jsReportLoadedHandler
  3. Events
    1. cellclick
    2. celldoubleclick
    3. dataerror
    4. datafilecancelled
    5. dataloaded
    6. exportcomplete
    7. exportstart
    8. fieldslistclose
    9. fieldslistopen
    10. filteropen
    11. loadingdata
    12. loadinglocalization
    13. loadingolapstructure
    14. loadingreportfile
    15. localizationerror
    16. localizationloaded
    17. olapstructureerror
    18. olapstructureloaded
    19. openingreportfile
    20. printcomplete
    21. printstart
    22. querycomplete
    23. queryerror
    24. ready
    25. reportchange
    26. reportcomplete
    27. reportfilecancelled
    28. reportfileerror
    29. reportfileloaded
    30. runningquery
    31. update
Table of contents

Options Object

Options object has the following properties:

  • chart – Object. Contains information about charts:
    • autoRange – Boolean. Indicates whether the range of values on the charts is selected automatically or not. Default value is false.
    • multipleMeasures – Boolean. Starting from v1.9. Indicates whether to show multiple measures on charts. Default value is false.
    • oneLevel – Boolean. Starting from v2.1. In case of drillable chart, defines whether chart shows elements only for the lowest hierarchy (true). Default value is false. Bar, Line, Scatter, Bar stack and Bar line charts support this feature.
    • showFilter (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Indicates whether the opening columns and rows filter controls are visible (true) or not (false) on the charts. Default value is true.
    • showLegendButton (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Indicates whether the button to show/hide the legend on charts is visible. Default value is false which means that the legend is always visible, without the button that hides it.
    • showMeasures (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Hides all dropdowns on the top of charts if you want to show simple chart without controls or you want to save space. Default value is true– the dropdowns are visible by default, as it was in previous versions.
    • showWarning – Boolean. Indicates whether the warning is shown if data is too big for charts. Default value is true.
    • title – String. Title of the chart.
    • type – String. Selected chart type: "bar", "line", "scatter", "pie", "bar_stack" and "bar_line" (starting from v1.9). Default value is "bar".
  • configuratorActive – Boolean. Indicates whether the Fields List is opened (true) or closed (false). Default value is false.
  • configuratorButton – Boolean. Indicates whether the Fields List toggle button is visible (true) or not (false). Default value is true.
  • configuratorMatchHeight (starting from v2.1) – Boolean. Indicates whether the Fields List will be the same height as the component (true) or it’s height will be defined by its content amount (false). Default value is false.
  • defaultHierarchySortName – String. Sets default sorting for hierarchy members. Possible values: "asc", "desc" and "unsorted" (starting from v2.3). Default value is "asc".
  • drillThrough (starting from v2.1) – Boolean. Indicates whether the drill through feature is enabled (true) or disabled (false). User can drill through by double-clicking the cell with value. This feature is available for CSV data sources only. Default value is true.
  • editing (starting from v2.1) – Boolean. Indicates whether the editing feature is enabled (true) or disabled (false) on the Drill Through popup for CSV data sources. User will be able to double-click the cell and enter new value in it if the editing feature is enabled.
  • grid – Object. Contains information about grid:
    • fitGridlines – Boolean. Indicates whether the gridlines are shown for all cells (false) or only non-empty (true). Default value is false.
    • pagesFilterLayout (starting from v2.3) – String. Allows to choose the layout for the report filters. Possible values: "horizontal" and "vertical". Default value is "horizontal".
    • showFilter – Boolean. Indicates whether the opening columns/rows filter controls and page filter controls are visible (true) or not (false) on the grid. Default value is true.
    • showGrandTotals – String. Specifies how to show grand totals: in rows ('rows'), in columns ('columns'), in rows and columns ('on') or hide them ('off'). Default value is 'on'.
    • showHeaders – Boolean. Indicates whether the spreadsheet headers are visible (true) or not (false). Default value is true.
    • showReportFiltersArea (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Indicates whether the reports filtering cells on the grid should be visible (true) or not (false). Default value is true.
    • showTotals – Boolean. Indicates whether the totals are visible (true) or not (false). Default value is true.
    • title – String. Title of the grid.
    • type – String. Selected grid type: "compact", "classic" and "flat".
  • selectEmptyCells (starting from v2.3) – Boolean. Indicates whether it is possible to select cells outside of the table. Default value is true.
  • showAggregations (starting from v2.0) – Boolean. Indicates whether the aggregation selection control is visible (true) or not (false) for measures on Fields List. Default value is true.
  • showCalculatedValuesButton (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Controls the visibility of “Add calculated value” in Fields List. Default value is true.
  • showDefaultSlice (starting from v2.2) – Boolean. Defines whether the component selects a default slice for the report with empty slice (when nothing is set in rows, columns, pages and measures). If true, the first hierarchy from data goes to rows and the first measure goes to columns in the default slice. To avoid this default behavior, please set this property to false. Default value is true.
  • showMemberProperties (starting from v2.1) – Boolean. Indicates whether the member properties for OLAP data source are visible (true) or not (false) on Fields List. Default value is false.
  • sorting (starting from v2.0) – String. Indicates whether the sorting controls are visible in rows ('rows'), in columns ('columns'), in rows and columns ('on' or true) on the grid cells or not visible ('off' or false). Default value is 'on'.
  • viewType– String. Type of view to show: "grid" or "charts" or "grid_charts" (starting from v1.9).