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Getting started

Welcome to JavaScript Pivot Table & Charts component — web client-side component designed to view, analyze and manage multidimensional data online.

It is an equivalent of Microsoft Excel Pivot Table and can be integrated into any web applications or websites.

Flexmonster is a cross-platform web Component that supports Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes, Mondrian, icCube, JSON, SQL (MS SQL, MySQL and others) databases or static CSV files. This solution allows you to work extremely quickly with really large data volumes.

The data is represented in compact yet interactive visual reports – multidimensional tables and charts that are fully customizable for client’s needs.

The Component has 2 main advantages from competing types of applications:

  • Usability and speed of the desktop application,
  • Mobility and scalability of the web-based application.

The tool is ideal for business intelligence data analysis. The world’s most respected brands use Flexmonster Pivot Table to create and analyze reports online.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts can use different data sources and can be embedded in various ways:

OLAP cube
Pivot Table & Charts HTML5 Page

This guide will provide you with quick introduction to Pivot Table & Charts Component, information about its features, and its ways of usage.
Pivot Table enables you to analyze numerical data. With Pivot Table, you can look at the same information in different ways with just a few mouse clicks.

Pivot Table and Charts


  1. Pivot Grid or Pivot Chart
  2. Fields List
  3. Toolbar

Fields List

You can configure any view using Fields List with drag-and-drop.

  1. Fields and Values to choose from
    • Dimensions/Folder tree in OLAP
    • Dimensions in CSV
  2. Report Filter
  3. Rows Fields
  4. Columns Fields
  5. Values
  6. Show/Hide Fields List view button
  7. Add calculated value in CSV (there is no such an option for reports based on OLAP data source)

CSV version


OLAP version