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Antonina Krus posted on October 24, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.224 Minor Release

The are only few fixes available this week but they will still be useful for you. Please check them and update your version to the latest v.2.224: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on October 19, 2016 Use Flexmonster Pivot Table with Any 3rd Party Visualization Tools in Upcoming 2.3 Version

The new 2.3 release greatly extends users’ possibilities and allows visualizing more complex data from our Pivot table with popular 3rd party visualization tools.

If you never used Pivot table in your solutions but have different charts that need data preparation for each of them, you can benefit from using Pivot table powerful API as a smart single data source for different charts. You can quickly link the Flexmonster component to your data, show them in a pivot table and group/filter/aggregate them for further visualizing via built-in charts or third-party chart libraries.

If you are using Pivot table already now, the new version will allow enhancing built-in charts via integration with popular visualization tools or charting libraries, keeping the same powerful API for data filtering and aggregation like you used to.

In upcoming version you will find a new API extended with special methods that return data from Pivot Table component in specific formats. This will allow building any needed visualization just using the returned data.

Thus, if you already integrated with other 3rd party visualization tools in your solution or just plan to use them, the new version allows you to: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on October 10, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.223 Minor Release

You are welcome to check out the new list of biweekly updates in 2.223 minor release. The new attribute “Format as percent” for measure formatting and other updates are already available for download:  (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on October 4, 2016 Improved UI Controls For Mobile Applications In Upcoming 2.3 Release

Our clients have a chance to use mobile version of web Pivot Table & Charts component for a long time. There is no news that Flexmonster pivot is a cross-platform component and allows clients to process massive amounts of data as good as a standalone desktop solution. Depending on a device controls adaptively render reports and ensure the usability of the Pivot Component.

More and more our clients develop mobile apps using Flexmonster Component and we’ve decided to follow this necessity and significantly improved the mobile UI of the Pivot.

So what will be the difference

Antonina Krus posted on September 26, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.222 Minor Release

Are you ready to update you Pivot table component to the latest 2.222 version? Please, download the latest updates of 2.222 minor release, but check the fixes before: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on September 22, 2016 The Upcoming 2.3 Version Feature: Better Compatibility With Popular JS Frameworks


What’s all this about:

It’s known that web based Flexmonster Pivot component integrates with any JavaScript frameworks. However, sometimes it was a challenge for our customers to integrate the pivot into the needed framework due to their huge variety. Surely, we helped in solving those issues but it took some time. Caring about customers’ time we came to minimizing the efforts when combining the Component with a js framework by creating a solution.

What we did: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on September 12, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.221 Minor Release

Our developers are fully focused on 2.3 release to finish it in time. So, this week you will not find the big list of enhancements but those we did are still useful for you. Please take a look: (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on August 31, 2016 The art of collecting, cleaning and storing small data. Part 2

small data

Previously we listed few useful tips on collecting small data. Data cleaning is what typically goes next. Thus, today we are going to emphasise four crucial ideas which can help you save valuable time, avoid headaches and conduct qualitative data analysis. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on August 30, 2016 Flexmonster 2.3 Version: So, What’s The Plan?

Along with our minor releases that come every 2 weeks as the improvements to 2.2 version, our team is also working non-stop on the new major release. The work on 2.3 version is already underway and we think it would be fair to share our plans with you.

The direction we chose is based on our customers requests, support cases that we have received and also the new trends on the analytics market today.

Сertainly, it’s just a small part of all improvements that will be included in 2.3. release but still the noteworthy ones.

New features in 2.3 version are coming this autumn:


Antonina Krus posted on August 29, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.220 Minor Release

The latest updates of Flexmonster web Pivot table & Charts component in new minor release are already available. Please check the full list of fixes and update your component to the latest 2.220 version to get all the best of the Component.  (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on August 15, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.219 Minor Release

It’s time to update your version of the Pivot Table Component with this week minor release fixes.

Please see all 2.219 version updates below: (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on August 14, 2016 The art of collecting, cleaning and storing small data. Part 1.

(source: http://gratisography.com/)

In our last blog, we presented a data definition framework. Among all data categories from internal and external sources, human generated data may be crucial for a company. Also, even in the era of Big Data spreadsheets are still very commonly used in small companies and corporations. In other words, there are millions of people collecting and working with the small data type of data which can be easily fitted in an Excel spreadsheet. For instance, from this video , you can learn few interesting facts about the scope of using spreadsheets. Speaking of this video, it is one of the educational videos from the great MOOC by Delft University of Technology called “Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX()”. The instructor emphasised that typically one spreadsheet may live for five years and be used by twelve workers. A lot of Flexmonster Pivot Table Component users work with Excel spreadsheets and small data too. Thus, in the next blogs, I will concentrate on useful tips on collecting, storing and cleaning small data. (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on August 6, 2016 What data do you have? A Data Definition Framework

source http://startupstockphotos.com/

In the last blog, we discussed data visualisation mistakes everyone can make. Also, we all know that the quality of any data visualisation and data analysis is conditional on the quality of the data. During data analysis, a proper new finding can be revealed only if data is accurate and trustworthy. Thus, this time, we are going to look deeper at types of data with an eye to ordering and understanding your data assets better. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on August 1, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.218 Minor Release

Version 2.218 of Pivot Table Component has been released. Please take a look at new improvements we did, from now on two new options like showDrillThroughConfigurator and showChartOneMeasureSelection are available.

Check the full list of biweekly updates below: (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on July 27, 2016 In numbers we trust?

in numbers we trust

Our business life and much of our experiences are grounded on the credence to numbers. We trust numbers as the means to reaching truth and objectivity in analysis, as well as confidence in conclusions. They tell us about the variety of important subjects, moreover, they present a distinction between what is accepted as harmless and what is supposed to be dangerous. And since data-driven decisions define the further course of actions we with the same rigour long for objectivity through numbers in business reports and in health issues.

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on July 21, 2016 What gets measured gets done

source: http://startupstockphotos.com/

In the last blogs, we mostly focused on few universal aspects of business reporting. We discussed data visualisation and storytelling impact on perception and effectiveness of business reports. This time, in order to reach more concrete insights, we will concentrate more on marketing analytics. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on July 19, 2016 Localize Pivot Component to Your Business Needs

The basic feature of a quality flexible component is its custom ability and localization to your project’s needs. Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component can be easily localized, so it can be shown in English for US and in French for France or to any other language your users used to. Doing localization as seamless as possible is one of the tasks we have implemented in a convenient way for Flexmonster Pivot integration developers.

Antonina Krus posted on July 18, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.217 Minor Release

As usual, we have new fixes and improvements to share! 2.217 Minor release of Flexmonster Component is already available for download!

Please find all the updates that have been done over the past 2 weeks below: (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on July 13, 2016 Story is in the air

data story analytics
(source http://startupstockphotos.com/)

Beforehand I wrote about the impact of data visualisation on business reports. Hopefully, arguments based on how our brain perceives and decodes information were quite compelling for you. Further, we will examine some underlying ideas which also have a huge influence on the effectiveness of your business reports.


Olesia Stetsiuk posted on July 7, 2016 When data speaks to business

It is not a novel concept that data visualization is crucial for efficient business reporting. Essentially the purpose of reports is to decode abstract data into visual stories which can be understood in an efficient, precise, and meaningful way. Thus, business leaders need to invest in the ability to gather ideas and insights from their data through visualisation.


Among main benefits for executives, visual data displaying gives optimal support for the following:

  • Observing the big picture. As CEO is responsible for strategic development seeing the big picture is fundamental for any executive.
  • Recognising and analysing patterns and relationships among values. Taking actions in a business environment requires a deeper understanding of possible consequences based on the knowledge and a bit of intuition.
  • Identifying appearing trends faster. The speed of making decisions can play a significant role for competing in today’s global world.
  • (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on July 4, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.216 Minor Release

The first summer month is away and we hope you have spent it with joy. During these two weeks you, our dear clients, left us only few requests to fix. This means we brought the 2.2 version of the Component to more strong and stable level and we are really happy to fit all your requirements.

Nevertheless, we didn’t get carried away and focused on the developments that you will see in our future major release. By the way, if you still have not checked our 2.3 version plans, you can see our Roadmap.

We also do not cease to remind you that the current 2.2 release is the last one that includes both Flash and Flex versions and if you decided to continue with one of these technologies we have a few options for you to consider.

Still on the subject of 2.216 minor release, this time we have only few fixes but we are sure they will be helpful for you: (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on June 30, 2016 What is hidden behind the scatter diagram?

scatter plot

After the battle between pie charts and bar charts, it is a good time to relax and explore scatter plots. Since last time we pointed out main goals of using charts and graphs and mentioned investigating trends and relationships between variables in the data. Exactly for this purpose, all types of scatter plots are typically used. A scatter plot shows values for usually two variables for a set of data. The data is displayed as a collection of points with positions on the horizontal axis set according to the values of one variable and positions on the vertical axis set under to the value of the other variable.

What is an edge of using scatter plots and line plots? Scatter plot displays the strength of the relationship between the variables, the direction and/or form of the relationship, and whether outliers exist. Let’s discuss these purposes in more details. The scatter plot can give you a suggestion that two variables might be related, and if so, how they advance together. Can you see how the data on your scatter plot, as you move from left to right, are gradually rising or decreasing? If so, you may suggest a positive or negative correlation. But, it is a point to be careful as correlation does not mean causation. Your scatter plot may indicate that a relationship exists, but it does not and cannot confirm that one variable is causing the other. There can be several reasons for the observed effect of correlation such as the impact of a third factor influencing both variables or systemic cause affecting all your data.


Olesia Stetsiuk posted on June 21, 2016 What do you prefer pies or chocolate bars?


Last time we were exploring risk factors of having a coronary heart disease with the help of Flexmonster Pivot Table Component. In the process, we had been using a flat table, pivot table, and charts above all. This time, we will talk about using pie charts and bar charts for different purposes.
Selecting a type of chart depends primarily on what sort of data you have, at what stage of your analysis you are, and what message you want to convey. Generally, charts and graphs are used for one of the following purposes:

  1. to show a composition of the data,
  2. to investigate a distribution and/or trends,
  3. to express comparisons and/or relationships,
  4. to illustrate a process or display a location.


Antonina Krus posted on June 20, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.215 Minor Release

The latest 2.215 version of Pivot Table & Charts Component with plenty of new updates and fixes is already available for download! This time in new minor you can find new printing improvements for Pivot (Flash/Flex version only) and some other fixes that could be helpful when using Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component.

Please check the list of all changes for all versions (HTML5/Flex/Flash) below: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on June 17, 2016 Keep using Flash or Flex version?- We have options for you!

Flexmonster to Stop Releasing Flash Version

In May 2015 we announced about terminating the development of Flash and Flex versions of the Component in future releases. Due to the market tendencies we took the strong decision to completely focus on the development of HTML5 version only. And we need to stress out that the current 2.2 release is the last one that includes Flash and Flex versions.

Yes, we are on the threshold of some big changes in our Pivot component offer, still, you shouldn’t worried. (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on June 16, 2016 Analysing risks of Having a Heart Attack

heart-rate-risksLast time we slightly discussed the role of data visualisation in exploration data analysis (EDA). As promised, this time, we are going to run such analysis using Flexmonster Pivot Table Component. For this work, we had chosen always actual health care topic. (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on June 8, 2016 Data visualisation on the service of Sherlock Holmes

Data visualisation on the service of Sherlock Holmes

“I see it, I deduce it…You see, but you do not observe.”

A Scandal in Bohemia.

A week ago we started series of blogs about data visualisation with covering the main aspects of qualitative visualisations[1]. Followed by the logic of using visualisation on the different stages of a typical analytic process we proceed our way with describing the role of visualisation techniques in the exploratory data analysis (EDA). It is an actual topic as nowadays many EDA approaches have been assimilated into data mining, as well as into big data analytics. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on June 6, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.214 Minor Release

We’ve got the new portion of updates and fixes this week for you. The support for MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, PDO and other PHP supported databases was added. This and many more you can find in latest 2.214 minor release. (more…)

Olesia Stetsiuk posted on June 1, 2016 In the Data Visualisation Rush

Data volumes which can be easily produced and accumulated nowadays are enormous but revealing their advantages is harder than ever. What we still need is complex and erratic information to be presented with clarity, efficiency and precision. For this purpose, we have a variety of data visualisation tools at our disposal, but in a rush, we can easily slip into vivid visualisation effects and lose benefits of the systematic approach of working with data.

Therefore in anticipation of lifting Flexmonster Pivot Table Component to a new level, we start a series of weekly blogs about data visualisation. We will go all the way through often neglected basics to everyday tips for making your visual communication better. Let us start with a quick review of three key principles of the qualitative data visualisation. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on May 27, 2016 Flexmonster Licensing Models: Which One to Choose?

After the Component evaluation you could probably face the question: what licensing model to choose? With this blog post we will help you to make the right decision when you are trying to get the most suitable licensing model for your project.

There are two main licensing models for Flexmonster Component usage:

Antonina Krus posted on May 23, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.213 Minor Release

Beside some requested fixes for 2.213 minor release, our development team did a great job – developed the new Flexmonster Data Compressor for all who works with relational data. This is a special server-side compression tool that helps you to increase data loading speed from a server to a customer’s browser. From now on, loading of the large data sets from SQL databases becomes much easier and faster.

So, please see all fixes that were made for these minor release and try the new Flexmonster Data Compressor.

Antonina Krus posted on Connecting to SQL Databases: Fast data loading with updated Flexmonster Data Compressor for .NET, Java, PHP

If you are the one who has already used our Compressor, we have good news for you about important updates that our team recently implemented. And if you haven’t tried it yet, please read the information and don’t delay using it.

Whom it may concern:  All who works with relational data.

Flexmonster development team has updated Flexmonster Data Compressor the special server-side compression tool that helps you to increase data loading speed from a server to customer’s browser and makes data loading notably faster. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on May 10, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.212 Minor Release

The latest 2.212 version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component is already available for download!

All new updates are here: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on April 25, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.211 Minor Release

In this week minor release you may notice much better support for Mondrian 4. Please look through all fixes of 2.211 minor release and don’t forget to update the Component to the latest version: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on April 11, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.210 Minor Release

Flexmonster Web Pivot Table & Charts Component is enriched with two new notable enhancements in this minor release. From now on Mondrian Roles are supported in Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator. Also, please notice that you can add calculated measures right in JSON now.

The full list of all improvements and fixes of 2.210 minor release: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on March 28, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.209 Minor Release

The new fixes in 2.209 minor release are ready for download. Besides, we just want to remind all our active clients that you are always able to update your version to the latest one. Follow our biweekly minor releases and get your latest enhancements.

This week list is below: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on March 14, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.208 Minor Release

Here you can find the promised 2.208 minor release with plenty of new updates and fixes. Please update your version of the Flexmonster Component to the newest one.

See the full list of all enhancements below: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on February 29, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.207 Minor Release

What a noticeable list of improvements and fixes we have here for you this week. The huge piece of work was done by our developers dealing with all requests that you’ve left during the past two weeks. So, don’t hesitate to update your version to the newest 2.207.

Look through all the enhancements of 2.207 minor release:


Antonina Krus posted on February 15, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.206 Minor Release

The new Monday and the new 2.206 minor release has been already prepared by our technical team. We hope you had a chance to use our advanced instruments such as CSV Compressors or Accelerator for OLAP cubes. We improve them all the time, so if you still haven’t tried them – we strongly recommend doing so. It will definitely help you to raise your performance greatly.

Please find all fixes we made in the list below: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on February 1, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.205 Minor Release

We have been working really hard on resolving all your requests during the last two weeks. You can see the result we have made in 2.205 minor release already. Hope you find some useful updates that will improve you reporting.

Please check the entire list of all new enhancements below:


Antonina Krus posted on January 18, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.204 Minor Release

New improvements for compatibility with Mondrian 4 and a lot more in new 2.204 minor release. Please check: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on January 4, 2016 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.203 Minor Release

With the beginning of the new year we have prepared the newest 2.203 minor release. We hope you had wonderful holidays and are ready for new opportunities that this year brings to you. Be sure, Flexmonster Team has a lot of plans this year that you will definitely enjoy.

As for now, new updates are ready: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on December 21, 2015 Flexmonster’s Weekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.202 Minor Release

We have an unexpected minor release 2.202 for you here. Frankly speaking, the whole past week we were working on very notable enhancements that we can’t hide from you till next Monday. Our development team did a remarkable improvement in memory usage optimization. It means that from now on you can load over a million of elements and our Component will easily handle them.

Please check the latest updates: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on December 14, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.201 Minor Release

It has been almost two weeks since the new version of the Component was released. We hope that you have already tried the new functionality that we made for you. Please check out the new portion of all 2.201 minor release updates below:


Antonina Krus posted on December 2, 2015 Flexmonster 2.2 Release: Show Your Data 10 Times Faster!

Flexmonster Team is pleased to announce that Flexmonster 2.2 version is released. This release is packed out of new powerful instruments that allow to increase the static and multidimensional data load speed tenfold for both server and client-side solutions.

It’s all about SPEED! In this release our team fully focused on the data transfer. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on November 30, 2015 Observe Your Business Goals With Flexmonster KPIs

One of the most important tools that analytical experts use for analyzing data is key performance indicators (KPIs). Flexmonster constantly monitors the latest trends and couldn’t help adding this feature to the Component. Usually a company needs to observe conditions of sales, profits, expenses, sold units etc. For such analysis they need KPIs – measurable or comparable metrics that are used to define and grade performance of a given measure. Indicators are determined based on company goals. It gives organizations the opportunity to assess their state and helps in forming development strategies, allows to control a business activity in real time. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on November 28, 2015 Still Haven’t Tried Our CSV Compressor? The New Compressors For Java and PHP Are Already Available In New Release

Fast data loading – the important aspect that affects the ease of data analysis for users. A lot of researches show that page loading time directly influences the rise and fall of your business income. Even 1 second delay in page response can result in 7-10% reduction in conversions. Does it matter? – Sure! With our CSV Compressor you can show reports faster for your end-users. Time is money so don’t waste it using slow solutions. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on November 25, 2015 Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator For OLAP Cubes: We Show Multidimensional Data 10 Times Faster!

Everyone who has ever worked with multidimensional databases analysis has most probably faced with the problem finding a suitable component that not only performs all required functions but also executes them fast. Flexmonster solved this problem and created Flexmonster Data Speed Accelerator for OLAP cubes – a special server-side proxy that helps you to increase data loading speed from server to customer’s browser tenfold.

Working with OLAP cubes, a browser component is communicating with the server via XMLA protocol. It’s no secret that the XMLA protocol is heavy and exchanges a lot of excessive information. Thus, it takes too much time and memory to load and process the data.


What we did? (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on November 23, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.122 Minor Release

The new release is coming very soon! Still, it could be useful to check some fixes we had been made during last two weeks. 2.122 minor release is here for you to download, below is a short list of fixes:


Antonina Krus posted on November 17, 2015 Flexmonster 2.2 Release Is Coming Soon: What to Expect?

We are slightly opening the veil of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component 2.2 Release.

It’s all about SPEED! In this release our team fully focused on the data transfer.

Having analyzed the basic customers’ requirements we indicated that speed of working with data is one of the major decision factors while selecting a tool for their solutions. According to different researchers tolerable waiting time for information retrieval is approximately 2 seconds. The slightest delay in providing the data for end users can result in missing leads, sales or have other negative effects on your business. There is no difference in which way you are going to use our Component, would it be for your company intranet or as OEM/SaaS solution, in any case users put a lot of value in speed.

We compared our component with competitive solutions provided on the market today and can confidently assert that Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts is becoming a real monster among pivot web components for typical use cases, we show the data to the users 10 times faster! (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on November 9, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.121 Minor Release

You have already heard that our development team is working hard on the new features for the completely new Release. At the same time we still have some updates for you this week. Please download 2.121 minor release:


Antonina Krus posted on October 26, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.120 Minor Release

The latest 2.120 version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component is already available for download!

All updates are here:

Antonina Krus posted on October 12, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.119 Minor Release

Here is a new batch of all improvements and fixes, that our team has been preparing within past two weeks.

Please check the full list:

Antonina Krus posted on September 28, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.118 Minor Release

2.118 Minor release of Flexmonster Component with all new improvements and fixes is already available for download!

Find the full list of all enhancements below:

Antonina Krus posted on September 14, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.117 Minor Release

Full support of Microsoft Edge and other significant and important improvements in 2.117 minor release this week. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on August 31, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.116 Minor Release

Please take a look at new enhancements of 2.116 minor release that will be definitely very useful while working with Flexmonster Component.


Antonina Krus posted on August 17, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.115 Minor Release

As usual, we have lots of good updates to share!

2.115 Minor release of Flexmonster Component is already available for download! Here you can find all the new improvements and fixes that have been done over the past 2 weeks:


Antonina Krus posted on August 3, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.114 Minor Release

We start the week with new 2.114 minor release. This time in new minor you can find new dashboard demo, several new options and some other improvements and fixes that could be helpful when using Flexmonster Pivot table & charts component.

Find the list of all changes for all versions (HTML5 /FLex/Flash) below:


Antonina Krus posted on July 31, 2015 Flexmonster Component Evolution: From Version 1.3 to 2.1

In far 2010 we were pleased to release 1.3 version of Flexmonster Component to public for the first time. Since then the product has been polished and improved by our team according to the requirements of time and needs of our beloved customers. And now it has become a high-quality reporting tool with strong features used by more than 300 companies worldwide.

The development of the component, new features improvements and all enhancements at all stages of the component’s evolution you can find below: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on July 20, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.113 Minor Release

Two weeks past since our last minor release and here is the hefty list of new improvements and fixes that Flexmonster team has prepared for you. 2.113 Minor release includes enhancements for all versions HTML5/Flex/Flash and for each of them separately. Choose the version you need and check all fixes and new improvements that will make component usage even better. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on July 6, 2015 Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.112 Minor Release

Flexmonster team is moving forward constantly. We systematically improve our product according to the needs of our beloved customers. And now we have decided to share all those fixes with you. From now on, every two weeks you can follow our updates here on the Blog. We hope that this will help you solve all the issues that might arise while using our product.

Сomponent’s enhancements available in our 2.112 minor release: (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on June 18, 2015 Flexmonster presents a new “Questions & Answers” section on the website to make our communication even more productive!


We have great news for you! We receive a huge number of your questions all the time and always try to respond as soon as possible to answer these or to solve any of the issues that you may experience while using our component. Our team is always ready to help, whether you are only reviewing and testing or already doing an integration within your solution. Responsiveness and responsibility are the primary principles of our company. Now Flexmonster has become even closer to our valuable customers.

We present a new “Questions & Answers” section on our website. This service is designed to make our website more convenient for users and to provide the ability to get the product information that you need even faster than before.

How does it work?


Antonina Krus posted on May 12, 2015 Flexmonster to Stop Releasing Flash Version: Focusing on HTML5

Flexmonster will completely focus on the development of HTML5 version of Pivot Component and is going to STOP releasing new Flash and Flex versions in the nearest time. The new release 2.2, the last one with the Flash version, is expected this autumn!

Flexmonster keeps moving with the times and tries to meet new needs and requirements our customers demand that often requires using the latest available technologies and tools. Over the years we have managed to create high-quality Pivot Table & Charts Flash component for our clients. It’s no news that every day Flash is becoming less popular among users while HTML5 is spread on majority of modern devices, is more secure and opens more opportunities for visualizing data for end users. That is why a year ago we released a new version of Flexmonster that included not only updated Flash/Flex web-component but also HTML5 version. Still, we continued applying development efforts to both versions, thus we were simultaneously enhancing them both. (more…)

Antonina Krus posted on April 15, 2015 OLAP vs CSV: What to Choose to Boost Your Pivot’s Performance

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component allows you to work with a large volume of data. It was designed to render big data in a fast and robust way. All companies from small businesses up to worldwide enterprises can benefit greatly from using Flexmonster. Our component works with up to 100MB data files and huge OLAP data cubes, that is one of the unique features distinguishing our component from others. There are also several other items that come in handy when managing data efficiently.

The most important criteria for choosing the optimal data source setup for Flexmonster is the amount of data you have – your data volume. If you have some hesitations about which combination of data source and Flexmonster will work the best for you – take a look at useful shortcuts we propose you below:


Antonina Krus posted on April 3, 2015 Get New Features and Enhancements of Pivot Component Faster with Minor Releases

Flexmonster team is working hard to bring its web pivot table component to the new level. We try to consider most of requests and suggestions from our customers to improve our product and offer new cool features.

Please note that between major releases of Flexmonster component we usually prepare some minor releases. Each one or two weeks we publish a new minor release. So, since the major 2.1 build we have already prepared 7 minor releases that include a lot of great enhancements. To check version you have please use – Ctrl+Alt+i .

*Also, on Ctrl+Alt+i you can see the exact date and time when the component was built, edition and information about license key.

For example, after 2.1 release (Dec 05, 2014) we made the following enhancements to the component: (more…)

roman posted on December 6, 2014 What’s New in Flexmonster Release v2.1. Classic View. Drill-Through. Editing Cells.

Classic view (or in other words not-grouped view or classic mode) is probably one of the most frequently requested by our customers and leads features during years. This view mode simplifies data reading by showing hierarchy sub-levels one nearby another. Grand totals are traditionally showed at the end of each row.

roman posted on December 5, 2014 Flexmonster 2.1: Release Overview

For Flexmonster team 2014 has become a year of bringing our web pivot table component to the new level. Announced in spring release of version 2.1 has become not only one of the most expected by our partners and leads but also one of the most advanced in terms of functionality extension. We continue focusing on making Flexmonster pivot table component more Excel-like and thus we add a number of cool features as well as bring HTML5 version to the same level as Flash/Flex one (by features and performance).

The full list of new features and improvements includes over 20 items but we would like you to pay your attention to the most spectacular of them:

  • Classic (not-grouped) view or Classic mode – widespread way of pivoted data presentation. Classic view helps end users see hierarchies one beside another – just like they are accustomed to in Excel;
  • Drill-through – clicking on a cell gives user an outstanding opportunity to dig deeper into data and see its constituents;
  • Editing cells for CSV data sources – lets end user change values in the grid on-the-fly;
  • Drag and drop fields on the grid – changing filters/columns/rows location on the grid without opening field list (configurator);
  • Speed up CSV parsing – updated loading algorithm allowing.


roman posted on September 8, 2014 Showcase: Pivot Component for SolvAxis Web-Based ERP-Solution

Company Profile
Name: SolvAxis
Region: Switzerland
Industry: IT solutions
Function: ERP’s Development and Services Solutions

SolvAxis came to Flexmonster team with the task of completing their ERP functionality with pivot table and charts component. The company required a datagrid with high rendering capabilities as their customers needed millions of rows of data to be visualized. Moreover, fast response was highly important in case of synchronous Gridview and Chartview in SolvAxis ERP product.

Developers of SolvAxis were also evaluating ZK-Pivottable as an alternative but it had lack of functionality comparing to Flexmonster pivot table component like charts.

roman posted on August 15, 2014 Showcase: Junar Delivers Open Data Platform with Online Reporting Enhanced by Flexmonster Pivot Component

Company Profile
Name: Junar
Region: United States
Industry: IT solutions
Function: Data Economy, Open Data, Big Data

It’s a well-known global trend nowadays that millions of people around the world wish to have real-time access to various sorts of information.
This needstate is supplemented with wider range of abilities to visualize data on charts, creating and saving custom reports.
Junar has developed an easy-to-use platform for people’s access to public information of municipalities and governments.
Adding new features to their product it appeared that pivoting and generating charts on the fly became a useful add-on to the main product’s functionality.

Before starting the project, Flexmonster team faced both technical and business challenges. On one hand the project required an easy-to-integrate flexible solution for minimizing efforts on adding the new component to mostly finalized product. Flexmonster web pivot table & charts component has become an add-on feature of Junar system that’s why time resources on its integration to Junar’s open data platform were limited.

roman posted on June 27, 2014 Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Changes: from v1.4 to v2.0

Our web pivot table component has gone through a rather long way being completely rethinked (e.g. UI controls) since v1.3 had been released to public for the first time. On the other hand it has been polished and become more mature and robust. Dozens of new features and improvements have transformed it into a powerful and flexible tool used by more than 200 companies all over the world.

This blogpost will give you a short overview of how the component was changing from one version to another. (more…)

roman posted on June 17, 2014 Why Renewing Flexmonster Support & Upgrades?

When getting software from a vendor any user is usually concerned about several issues. The first and obvious one is stable functioning after installation or deployment. It’s also about the UI and UX that each user has demands to. However, there is one more component that is inalienable in this mixture. It’s about how quickly and professionally the product is supported.

We at Flexmonster pay much attention to technical support starting from customers’ pre-test, POC building up till the final product deployment and its functioning on production. Each Flexmonster license be it a single corporate license, SaaS Subscription or OEM license includes 1 year of free Support & Upgrades. It gives our customers a number of opportunities:

roman posted on January 28, 2014 Flexmonster 2.0: New Features

Our team continues implementing new features for Flash/Flex version of Flexmonster pivot table and charts. Both Flash/Flex and HTML5/JS component will be developed along in the future. The newest version of Flexmonster includes several improvements in UI and UX, exporting, API and configuration options, connecting to new data sources.

First of all we would like to point out simple embedding pivot table and charts component with toolbar. New toolbar easily adapts to mobile browsers which makes Flexmonster more user friendly. Here are the details on other features of Flexmonster newest version:

roman posted on January 27, 2014 Flexmonster 2.0: New HTML5/JavaScript Pivot Table Component Release

This winter we release Flexmonster 2.0. It’s not only updated Flash/Flex web-component that we’ve been offering to our customers during years. This newest version also includes HTML5/JS web-component that doesn’t require Flash Player installed for users’ browsers.

As HTML5 is becoming a new standard for web-development we have decided to create HTML5/JS component that would match our customers’ and leads’ needs. Our main target was to save Flexmonster’s unique usability for developers and end users. We have transferred all the main features of Flash/Flex pivot table component into HTML5/JS version.

Flexmonster HTML5/JS component is mobile friendly. While previously released versions of our pivot tables could be deployed to mobile devices as a part of native applications, current version has no limitations in being displayed within mobile browsers. This multiplatform lets users make same interactions with reports on either desktops or iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc. (more…)

roman posted on January 26, 2014 New Flexmonster 2.0: Comparing Flash/Flex and HTML5/JS Versions

When developing HTML5/JS version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component our team aimed to minimizing its difference comparing with Flash/Flex one. So that migration process was maximum simple and easy first issue to resolve is report format. Reports have same format for both versions. This means report saved with Flash/Flex version can be opened in HTML5/JS version and vice versa. Both versions have the same API and both of them can be embedded using flexmonster.js file.

Most part of all features implemented for Flash/Flex version of Flexmonster are available in HTML5/JS version:

  • Datasources (CSV/OCSV, Mondrian, MS Analysis Services, traditional databases)
  • Charts (all types)
  • Conditional formatting
  • Export (to PDF, CSV, HTML, PNG, Excel)

CSS styling can be implemented for HTML5/JS version but cannot be reused for Flash/Flex version and vice versa.

The following features are not included in Flexmonster 2.0 HTML5/JS release, however they are planned to be developed within next releases:

  • Connecting to icCube, SAP, ActivePivot
  • Printing
  • Zooming


Click here to download the newest Flexmonster v2.0 free trial.

roman posted on September 9, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: Full List of Features

We have prepared a number of cool upgrades for our component in new fall release. They include features requested by our customers and those we consider important for you to have best reporting experience with Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts. The upgrades will make our component faster, smoother and more flexible. The full list of improvements is below (click on links to see detailed blogposts about highlighted features):

  1. Improved XMLA data loading
  2. Connection to SAP Business Information Warehouse
  3. Showing numeric and nonnumeric data as measures and hierarchies
  4. Showing pivot table in flat format for CSV datasource
  5. DLL library for CSV compressor for .NET
  6. Percent aggregations and index aggregation for OLAP data
  7. Charts improvements: bar-line chart view, expand on pie chart, multiple measures on single chart
  8. Grid&Charts view within single container
  9. Resizable Fields List & Filter
  10. Cancelling all actions when loading new report
  11. Translation of hierarchies/measures captions for CSV datasource

Click here to download the newest Flexmonster v1.9 free trial.

roman posted on August 30, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: Fast XMLA Stream Loading

Loading data is always a highly important thing when it comes not only to user experience but also to overall application functioning. Huge response time while loading big datasets from OLAP datasource makes the work with reports lingering and straining. This is not acceptable for most of users working with applications that contain Flexmonster for whom time is considered to be highest value currency.

It’s common-known that waiting for data loading is the most irritating process when working with different applications. Our task was to minimize response time and make fast stream loading. These targets are reached due to asynchronous parsing of OLAP responses that lets load and parse data sets partially which also helps to reduce browser memory usage.

As a result Flexmonster can receive and visualize up to 500 Mb responses from OLAP cubes. Thousands of columns and rows loaded together with our fastest web grid make exciting user experience while creating and sharing large reports.

Click here to download the newest Flexmonster v1.9 free trial.

roman posted on August 29, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: DLL Library for CSV Compressor for .NET

After the release of CSV Compressor within Flexmonster version 1.8 we received a number of positive feedbacks regarding its usage. Our special algorithm optimizes data and lets compressed CSV files loaded and analyzed 5-10 times faster comparing to simple CSV file.But what’s next? Drag’n’drop CSV files to get them compressed is OK when you have to create a report once or twice a year. However when it goes to everyday or every week regular reporting the process has to be automatic.

Our team has developed a library that helps automatically compress your data on backend. The DLL can be added to a script that extracts data from your database. Instead of manual data compression you are able to automatically compress CSV data and feed it to Flexmonster Pivot Table component within two simple steps:

1. Add DLL to the script that extracts data from your database.

2. Connect Flexmonster to the script that returns newly created OCSV (Optimized CSV) data.

Currently you can download free library for .NET backend. Our team can also create the same technology for any other backend by your request.

Download DLL Library for CSV Compressor for .NET within our trial package.

DLL Compressor
Click here to download the newest Flexmonster v1.9 free trial.

roman posted on August 25, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: Showing Numeric and Nonnumeric Data as Measures and Hierarchies

The newest 1.9 version of Flexmonster gives you an opportunity to put string hierarchies as measures and vice versa. Typically, nonnumeric fields are added to the Rows or Columns area, numeric fields are added to the Values area in the Field List.

roman posted on August 24, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: Showing Pivot Table in Flat Format

Sometimes users face the tasks to have non-hierarchical data view without it being hidden or aggregated together. This view type called “flat table” usually consists of values column and features columns:

Styled Pivot Table

Flat table view type is now available for CSV data within any Flexmonster edition and can be set via report config XML file. It can display text in columns and includes the following present pivot table features:

roman posted on August 22, 2013 What’s New in Fall’13 Release v1.9: Connection to SAP Business Information Warehouse

The newest Flexmonster version 1.9 can be used for displaying data directly from SAP&reg Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). SAP is well-known as a powerful technology for real-time business processing, analytics and reporting. So after having a couple of requests from our leads and customers towards adding it to the list of supported datasources we have made it possible to visualize data from SAP.

Flexmonster component accesses SAP via XMLA protocol as well as for Mondrian and Analysis Services. MDX queries and responses from SAP BW can be sent and parsed by Flexmonster just as easy as from any other datasource that can be connected via XMLA. (more…)

roman posted on May 15, 2013 Flexmonster Pivot Tables for Mobile Devices: Pivotable Overview

Pivot table and charts for mobile devices raise high interest among our customers and leads. Being a perfect tool for online business reporting mobile application is more often required by CEOs and senior business analysts. The app keeps them connected with their business and helps them make fast and reasonable business decisions.

Our mobile PivoTable application is free for downloading from Google Play and Apple App Store. It is ready to be used on tablets. The reports created with web Flexmonster Pivot table can be easily accessed via PivoTable. It requires just small preparation work on your web system to organize web reports in XML list and share it with your colleagues. The “Refresh” button synchronizes PivoTable dashboard with your web system. (more…)

roman posted on February 28, 2013 What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: CSV Optimization

CSV files usually contain duplicate redundant data. It makes them relatively large. As a result it highly increases loading time within any application.

High performance and optimization are one of the first-rate directions we adhere while developing new features. To make CSV data load faster we have developed a specific application. It compresses CSV files and makes it load 5-10 times faster. Our special algorithm optimizes data and lets it be loaded and analyzed faster. (more…)

roman posted on February 14, 2013 What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Improved User Experience

We at Flexmonster are convinced that outstanding user experience is no less important than exciting product features. That is why we have made our newest 1.8 version more user-friendly. We have added a number of small features that altogether raise Flexmonster user experience to the new level in terms of usability. (more…)

roman posted on January 31, 2013 What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Simple Datagrid Styling

You might often face the necessity to make your website or app match corporate colors. This issue becomes urgent particularly when your product contains additional components. One of them might be Flexmonster Pivot & Charts web-component. Initially we have coloured our grid with grey which we consider a neutral one. In the newest 1.8 Flexmonster version you are able to predefine grid style in a very simplified way. (more…)

roman posted on January 25, 2013 What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Grid Improvements

Improvement of our product is something we’re constantly working on. Our team is proud to release the newest 1.8 version of Flexmonster Pivot & Charts. Following our customers’ wishes and world pivoting trends we have implemented several important grid features.

1. Fast rendering

Grid rendering speed significantly increased. Primarily this became possible as we have “lightened” rendering for those devices that are not very powerful including mobile devices. At present our grid renders less than 100 ms at any desktop. That is why we consider our grid the fastest web-grid ever. (more…)

roman posted on January 24, 2013 What’s New in Spring’13 Release v1.8: Improved Export to PDF and XLS

We have implemented some really significant and necessary export features:

  • creating huge pdf files of unlimited pages (instead of 100 pages as it used to be)
  • selecting and copying text from the created pdf files
  • choosing page orientation while exporting to pdf
  • improved printing (the pdf-like paging)
  • quick and easy exporting large data into xls
  • width of columns maintenance while exporting into excel
  • conditional formatting remain while exporting into html


Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 25, 2012 The Year After Tomorrow. Top BI Trends in 2013

We have already seen a lot of the big data and self-service hypes this year. The BI tools are becoming user and experience-centered, diminishing the importance of the IT departments. Solutions are becoming more user-friendly on tablet and mobile devices and everyone had their chance to yell “me too!” at the Big Data buzzword of the year. All of the above happened in a ravishing 2012, but what is expecting us in next year 2013. Let us have a look.

According to Gartner reports, next year technologies will completely converge around social data, mobile platforms and cloud solutions. In order to boost business performance, companies will closely analyse social networks facts to measure particular decision success as they started to do in the recent years. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 20, 2012 Top Challenges While Implementing Analytics Reporting. Part Two.

In our previous post we have covered first part of the top challenges any BI or Analytic Reporting project would meet. Such were fast nature of requirements change, stalled development during the project and unmet expectations of the end users. If overcoming all of the mentioned challenges may not be an issue for experienced team, the organizational and data-related ones are still on the way to successful self-service BI project.

Resist the changes!”, will be the hidden motto of the end-users. Even if the training and proof-of-concepts were widely accepted, people will resist giving up their Excel and Access forms and sheets and moving towards brand new web-based system or mobile app. Involving user testing on the beginning of the project may help, but you really need to convert couple of evangelists to make this challenge easy to get over. The earliest end-user testing involvement is a key here. Business discovery industry leaders like Tableau focus more on end-user usability features rather than overall complexity and flexibility of the product. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on November 28, 2012 Top Challenges While Implementing Analytics Reporting. Part One.

Let’s say Excel has been always a starting point to any kind of reporting or tabular data accumulation point since it’s very first version. Then, over decades, the market has been overwhelmed with data mining tools replaced by more lightweight, easy to implement BI platforms and applications. Analytic BI tools spread fully into mobile apps, making tablets more appealing device for decision making rather than desktop machines. Finally, cloud services drove away databases from local storages into distributed computing environments. All of the above gave BI analysts and IT departments vast number of tools to choose from.

However, according to Gartner, nearly half of the Business Intelligence or Analytics Reporting projects fail. Although software progress has made a big leap over recent years, implementing any type of reporting has its challenges reside still in the stone age. BI reporting or analytics reporting project that involves end non-IT users always meets a number of challenges that need to be taken into account. The first part of this post will uncover the ones that appear early in reporting project implementation.

Fast pace of requirements change. Since the very first feedback or interview on how the future reporting system should be, we are dealing with a continuous and fast requirements change. The process usually involves a significant number of specifications that are written, approved, thrown out, then re-written again. Most projects never finish requirements phase as become lost in what stakeholders really need and want. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on November 15, 2012 How Interesting Data Sources Become the Driver of Business Intelligence

Recently I’ve came across stunning visualisations involving data from aftermath analysis of Sandy storm. Noticeably, while the Sandy blackouts data is not sufficiently appealing in its raw form, interactive visualisation would be more than helpful for assessing damages made and recovery campaign effectiveness.

NY Times Power Out Illustration
&copy 2012 The New York Times Company

Speaking back on business intelligence and its ubiquitous meaning across any company or enterprise, everyone would agree how clear and transparent visualization can become an inspiring source towards certain goal or important business decision. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on November 2, 2012 Design Dashboard-like Analytics Applications with Pivot Table

While Pivot Table can be used as a fully standalone web application for simple data analysis, it is also powerful pivot table component, which intention is to power up dashboard-like interfaces for more complex business intelligence suites. Whether you are thriving to build solid KPI reporting tool or power up social analytics application, you’d definitely come at the point where you are in a desperate need for crosstab reports instead of traditional tables.

Despite starting with Flexmonster Pivot is easy, one can get lost in a number of demos in our Demo Gallery, so we give a short bootstrap guide which configuration to start from. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on October 26, 2012 What’s New in Pivot Table v1.7. Single Styling Model

Starting from version 1.7. it had been never easier to style the component to match your website or app corporate colors. Just a few rows of CSS will implement complete coloring scheme for datagrid, pivot controls and dialog windows such as Layout Editor or Filter.

Just open style CSS from your package and try adding the following lines into the code or replacing existing ones. In our case we would prefer to modify the default “red” style of Flexmonster Pivot by modifying border-color CSS attribute. For this purpose, locate the flexmonster\styles\baseStyleRed.css file inside the package in one of the demo folders and locate the default style. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on October 18, 2012 Simple BI Self-Reporting Pivot Table Tools Simplify Collaborative Decision Making

Imagine you walk into the room full of sales people doing unstopping “cold calls”. Every one of them features their own call list designed in Excel with marks, notices and statuses for each calling lead. Their manager has his own calling list of leads as well and sometimes reviews performance of his sales team.

As you go, you see people unaware of their own performance against others as well as their manager not knowing performance of his team as well. He tries to pull up some call list sheets from his mates, but the raw figures talk nothing to him as he needs to open numerous attachments for each of his sales reps. He prints out number of pages, then a moment later throws them out in a desperate attempt to answer sole question – what’s going on. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on October 11, 2012 Crosstab Reporting Made Easy with Pivot Table

Historically if you have list of data or report to analyse, you start with an Excel sheet and simple tabular report, where columns represent data fields and rows contain actual data values. As the data volume grows, you’d need more data consolidated way of representation. To make your report bring more value, you would prefer to place one of the data variable against the other. E.g. if you have list of sales containing sales rep column, year and month, you might consider building a report where you would see it summarized by year against each of the sales reps. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on October 8, 2012 What’s New in Pivot Table v1.7. Updated Filter, Layout Editor and Calculated Values UI

In our previous blog post we have written about a number of improvements for Flexmonster Pivot Table and Charts component. It is time to look closer at them. A new version contains totally remastered user interface including all dialog and editor windows which as fast and more robust to use for end user.

Dimensions Filter

The pivot table filter has been totally redesigned for ultimate response time with big data load and high number of items. It is currently capable of fast operation with over 100k records, allowing just split second response time on operations of ascending or descending sort, Top or Bottom N records filtering or a quick search. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on September 18, 2012 Flexmonster Pivot v1.7. Released! A Complete Release Notes from Team

Our team proudly presents next version of Pivot Table & Charts component which now features unified built-in UI, faster in-memory processing of multidimensional data, and lots of improvements for end users.

What’s new in v1.7:

  1. For BI Users
    1. Remastered user experience for built-in Filter, Layout Editor and dialog windows.
    2. Optimized Filter now supports huge hierarchies that may contain thousands of members – opens and filters huge lists in just a second.
    3. Top/Bottom X filtering now works for high number of members.
    4. Layout Editor now supports values rearrangement, including measures.
    5. New Formula Editor dialog for calculated values with drag-and-drop support and useful common functions.
    6. New values aggregation added – Index. Calculates values same as Excel: ((value in cell) x (Grand Total of Grand Totals)) / ((Grand Row Total) x (Grand Column Total))
    7. Navigate pivot table with keyboard arrows, hit Space to expand hierarchies or call up filters, copy tables into Excel or other program with just Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
  2. For ISV, Developers and Integrators
    1. New Styling Template for Pivot Table and all dialog windows. Just fill three colors in CSS for Pivot Table UI to match your corporate style.
    2. Support of native localization for MS SSAS. No additional customization required.
    3. Responding to numerous feedback report layout now saves rows and columns adjusted sizes – good for premade reports or sharing.

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on August 31, 2012 3 Best Practices for Successful Web Pivot Report

No doubts pivot reports provide better insight on multidimensional data with their ability to provide basic operations like slicing, dicing and pivoting OLAP data interactively. Rather than having such data separated into flat reports for dashboard tables, gauges and charts, pivot table report is still a tool where analysts can interactively gain more visibility.

While traditional pivot table report tools like Excel or PowerPivot provide a number of instruments to accomplish the above, the web report should be more robust to meet expectations and usability of common users. From manager to CIO, web pivot table reports should be a straight and easy self-service reporting tool to answer questions with little (or better without) any lengthy trainings or education. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on August 16, 2012 Why Pivot Tables Are Essential In Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics today become more and more connected with generic data mining and business intelligence tasks. While the latter two try to answer common questions and describe the status quo inside the company, predictive analytics should give the further picture of what might happen tomorrow, mainly the future trends (trend analysis) and behavioral patterns. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on August 10, 2012 Using Flexmonster Pivot Table and Charts as Self-Service Analytics Tool

Implementing full-scale BI solution in a small company can be quite cumbersome and expensive. While in the pursuit of the simple to bring Excel sheets into web, companies engage into huge contracts and large-scale projects of implementing the complete BI stack, offered by BI consulting and ISV companies. However, that is not completely necessary as a number of lightweight tools emerge on the market.

While a common use of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component is adding it into analysis dashboard, it can be also used as a fully standalone tool for online report analytics, working right in your browser. Take 3 simple steps to start analysing your data in less than 10 minutes:

  1. Prepare and Load CSV data file into Flexmonster All-in-One Demo. The CSV is the most common format which you can obtain by using the Save as CSV function in your favorite Excel.
  2. Once the CSV is loaded, Flexmonster Pivot will prompt you to Choose Dimensions, Rows and Value Aggregations to include into your report. Click Update to see your first report. You can modify the layout later anytime by clicking the Fields icon in the toolbar.
  3. Apply Filters, Sorting and Formatting to locate trends and opportunities and start gathering value from online analytics, now easily powered with Flexmonster Pivot.

You can always Save Report for later usage or Export it into same Excel and share with a colleague. Enjoy effortless analytics with Flexmonster and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on August 2, 2012 Flexmonster Introduces AMF For Best OLAP Reporting Speed

Speed is everything when it comes to DSS (decision-support systems) analytics dashboards and the pivot tables, which usually operate large payloads of OLAP data. The utmost necessity is to see and browse the BI data in an instant or at least within acceptable time.

While most components and solutions are highly relying on “talking to backend” with each report refresh, Flexmonster pivot table loads complete package of data, which allows you to quickly sort, filter or apply conditions at once. Given that proprietary or text-based formats like CSV or XMLA are not compact at all, our team has decided to introduce AMF format as a more compact way to deal with big data.

Our studies show that AMF drastically increases the reporting speed – e.g. the 1Gb payload from Mondrian using the native XMLA protocol is just some 40Mb with AMF! This may contain million of facts and records, loaded instantly in your pivot table report or charts.

AMF stands for Action Message Format and is a binary format that is commonly used to serialize object data and send via web service to and from the application. AMF was introduced since Flash Player version 6 and currently features a 3rd generation of its format called AMF3.

You are welcome to try it yourself and request personalized demo with AMF connection from our team.

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on July 26, 2012 Showcase: Doxee S.p.A. Powers Business Communication Reporting with Flexmonster Pivot Component

Company Profile
Name: Doxee S.p.A. (former eBilling S.p.A.)
Region: Italy
Revenue: N/A
Industry: Telecommunications
Function: Business Communication, IT and Operations

A major challenge for Doxee was instant visualization of more than 20 millions of records that
were processed inside Mondrian OLAP. The XMLA protocol, which is used by Mondrian is hugely redundant when only the most necessary structure is required. It contains not only the actual rows of data, but also the response metadata, dimension members list as well as the attributes which may not be used at all. This also causes a high load on both OLAP server and the network bandwidth.

Developers of Doxee were struggling to provide fast and reliable self-service BI reporting tool to browse through OLAP data in real-time mode. The loading time expectations dictated that some more compact and faster way to pass the OLAP reporting data should be researched.

Flexmonster team was tasked to develop much faster protocol than XMLA, which was considered extremely slow and unfit to meet end user expectations. After initial analysis, the AMF protocol was chosen to work with BlazeDS backend. In comparison with overcomplicated XMLA, the AMF is a binary protocol, which proved to be much more compact. The first tests has proved the over 1Gb payload of XMLA can be just some 30-40 megs with AMF, while containing million of rows. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on July 16, 2012 Showcase: Gmail-like Comindwork Project Management Tool Adopts Flexmonster for Self-Service BI Analytics

ComindworkNo doubts project management information and metrics are presently one of the most important assets of the company equaling to traditional assets such as technology or money. Being accumulated throughout the project life-cycle it frequently becomes an important part of decision support system (DSS) and the primary source for business discovery.

Comindwork, being a cloud service, uses primary KPIs, such as team performance, financial info, and organization facts (for example, number of tickets or comments by users). Flexmonster Pivot Table allows managers to slice this information in a convenient way and save their own reports in this self-service BI solution of Comindwork. This has made Comindwork Reports to become a one-shot decision support system for monitoring, filtering and trend analysis (threats and opportunities) that any project manager is dreaming about. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on July 11, 2012 Many BI Reporting Needs – One Solution?

The reporting needs are always different – one needs just a plain view of table with rows and columns, other a bunch of luminous and colorful charts, full of insights. Does all of them require just one component? The answer is YES.

Flexmonster Pivot Table is not just a pivot table on its own, but rather a “swiss knife” that is capable to cater multiple reporting needs. Desperate for ultra interactivity? Need just one page of simple and neat table? Want to add some integration? Go for it as Flexmonster offers its customizability to fulfill 99% of common reporting configurations. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on June 11, 2012 Summer’12 v1.6. Released! The Highlights and Changes from Team

Flexmonster team is proud to tell about the release of version 1.6 (Summer’12) of the Pivot Table. Please see general changes in the new version:

4X Faster OLAP Datagrid Improved Javascript and Flex API
  • Component initialization is 4X faster comparing to 1.5;
  • Optimized Javascript API and Flex API (see updated documentation!)
  • (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on May 31, 2012 Big Data means Big Profit: Time to Gain Augmented Visibility

The Big Data continues to roam through the world of business intelligence. Recently, I’ve came across a totally striking infographics, displaying an impact of Big Data market on enterprises. Regardless of industry and size, company executives begin to understand how big data inside their company can be converted into big profitability. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on May 25, 2012 Connecting Flexmonster Pivot to Microsoft SQL Database

Recently we have received a number of feedback about getting Flexmonster Pivot connected to MSSQL database. Flexmonster Pivot can read from various databases, using CSV format to read data from tables for database reports. Our team has prepared simple C#.NET script and web project, which can be deployed within minutes on your IIS server. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on May 15, 2012 An Easy Start with Flexmonster Pivot

Whether you are doing a garage startup with a friend of yours or represent a solid enterprise, there is always a question how to start with using a component such as Flexmonster Pivot for your business discovery apps. As a number of plans and options for editions fall into the focus of your intention, still a question arises – where should I start?

Flexmonster Pivot is a perfect starting point for any kind of a company size from 2 and up to 1000+ users. Just answer 3 simple questions for yourself to choose a right edition which you need in your particular project: (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on April 20, 2012 How Pivot Tables are Important in Data-Driven Decisions

Analysis tools are essential part of enterprise software as they become more and more effective in day-to-day decision making. As most companies operate big data amounts today, it is obvious that it becomes difficult to do all the data retrieval, management and analysis, or the ETL cycle. If implemented properly, the data-driven decision making can increase overall company performance from 5% and up!

Big Data is sprouting today across every company life. Web traffic, social marketing activities, as well as KPI like shipments, sales and customer care – all of these are data that are coming into the company, but require quick and efficient tools for decision making. The data becomes the main driver of the company as it becomes as important asset as personnel or money. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on April 13, 2012 Why Online OLAP Reporting Tools Are Better Than Excel?

A common day in financial department of Company X starts with Derp getting her Excel launched. She connects to company OLAP server to load revenue information over last quarter for her annual report. At noon Derp needs to submit her financial report to the sales VP. Usually she mails one Excel file per each report type, like revenue by day or sliced by revenue source. Finally, she ends up in dozens of such reports, messing all the filenames and trying to figure out which report was already generated. The sales VP gets frustrated while roaming through number of Excel files he can’t figure out and calls Derp into the office for an assistance. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 29, 2012 In Memory Databases and Making OLAP Reports Load Faster Than Ever

When dealing with BI reports, one understands how speed is important to get real big data rendered in an acceptable time. Having all the information and trends visible in a fast and robust way would help decision-makers to proceed with convenience and reduce their stress in the decision-making process. Conversely, slow reports that prompt user to click pager every time to locate the proper value in their OLAP grids are terribly frustrating.

The BI tools developers try to tackle this issue with balancing between client-side and server-side load, to achieve best load time and performance. Sometimes they use an “in-memory” approach, borrowed from databases. According to this approach, some part of the OLAP functionality is relying on machine’s main memory or even client-side storage, which gives out ability to give out data faster, and, therefore, render reports within few seconds.

We, at Flexmonster, use the in memory concept to build our own effective technology for handling big data. The technology allows end-user to load raw data for analysis in the form of CSV, without any necessity to install OLAP server, BI solution or hire any integrators or consultants. Upon loading raw data, which can be fetched from CSV file, database or any external datasource, our Flexmonster Pivot creates In-Memory Cube model. The In-Memory Cube then serves as datasource for all operations inside Pivot like setting up report layout, switching between modes, sorting, filtering or applying conditional formatting.

The In-Memory Cube technology allows Flexmonster Pivot to render OLAP data, and data from Big Data sources in a fast and user-friendly way, without any necessity to reload, request data again from server or waiting while the next page loads.

Try it yourself today from our on-site demo and let us know the experience!

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 22, 2012 Flexmonster Pivot. The Lightweight OLAP for Serving Common BI Reporting Tasks

The common BI Suites are targeted over large enterprises and middle companies. Along with complexity of their deployment and launch cycle, their price is often completely unaffordable for small companies and startups.

As small companies and startups are seeking for affordable OLAP tools, which are simple to get up online and running, they are frequently requiring additional services to get the cheap tools integrated and operated properly.

Flexmonster Pivot is a reporting tool at first; however, it is also the most lightweight OLAP ever that is capable to work on client-side without any necessity of installation or configuration. While common OLAP servers require you to prepare the data for OLAP cubes, Flexmonster Pivot can load cube report from plain data like CSV or a database table, which is exported (statically or dynamically) as CSV. Using its in-memory capabilities, the component visualizes data instantly, allowing you to configure measures and dimensions on the fly. And what’s more important, at no additional integration cost at all!

The analysis couldn’t have been more cheap! You can just source the plain CSV file (which includes Excel files as well, since you can export them as CSV) and get your cube report up and running for further analysis – locate the trends, fetch or calculate specific data etc. Check out our Flexmonster YouTube Channel for complete guides!

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 19, 2012 Implementing Authentication for OLAP Cubes in Flexmonster Pivot

In one of our previous blog posts we have mentioned that Flexmonster Pivot can connect not only raw OLAP data such as CSV, but also OLAP cubes such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Pentaho Mondrian, JasperReports Server and icCube. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on March 4, 2012 Implementing Flexmonster Pivot with icCube BI Suite

Flexmonster Pivot can connect icCube OLAPWhen it comes to quick and robust deployment of BI platform, icCube (http://www.iccube.com/) is one of the best choices. Staying devoted to their motto, “OLAP With Pleasure”, icCube proves without any doubts that installation, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of BI Suite does not need to be overcomplicated at all.

Our team has quickly ensured that the installation takes just 5-10 minutes and you are all set to design your reports and connect Flexmonster Pivot table to your icCube.

Just unpack the Flexmonster Enterprise Site or Advanced Edition Pivot package and replace the <dataSource> definition with the following snippet.


Don’t forget to adjust your proxyUrl, so that Pivot knows where to connect.
Now launch the Pivot from your HTML page and off you go with fast OLAP analytics with icCube and Flexmonster Pivot!

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on February 24, 2012 Which Technology Is Better For Online Web Reporting – Flash vs. HTML5

Adobe’s decision to donate Flex to the Apache foundation and so, end Flash player support for mobile devices has many newsmakers and bloggers eager to proclaim that Flash technology has been replaced with the new HTML5 standard. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on February 16, 2012 Showcase: Connecting Flexmonster Pivot Table to Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is currently one of the most popular cloud services across the world featuring the most robust and “social” tool to salesmen. As they thrive to shift the sales paradigm to Social Enterprise, their tools offers fast and low-cost insight for users. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on January 24, 2012 Flexmonster Pivot Table Component and Mondrian – an Alternative to JPivot

When it comes to cost-effective deployment of BI tool, Pentaho Analysis Services Community Edition (aka Mondrian) is one of the choices, selected by many analytics, developers and business owners. The Mondrian server enables users to load large quantities of data real-time and get insight with complex analytical queries. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on January 17, 2012 Big Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Today, rapid analysis of big data is crucial for efficient business decisions. By year 2015, according to Gartner research, the companies who have implemented fast big data management and analysis will begin to win over their unprepared competitors by 20% in every available financial metric that is critical to run their businesses. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 21, 2011 Getting Flexmonster Pivot Table Connected to Traditional Databases

FlexMonster Pivot Table Component can connect traditional databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and others very similarly as it can get connected to OLAP servers. The main underlying concept is using a simple script in PHP, C# or practically any platform that would connect database, load the data and pass it to Pivot Table as CSV. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 13, 2011 What’s new in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Improved Diagnostics for OLAP/XMLA Connectivity

Getting the Pivot Table connected to OLAP source is critical when you need demo to be up and running in minutes. The component is able to connect Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services® or Pentaho® Analysis Services (Mondrian) and now you can even verify the connectivity right from the tool. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 8, 2011 New in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Visual Values Formatting

Pivot Table provides essential tools for formatting that are user-friendly and fully Excel-like. You can now make your data even more visible and robust with updated formatting API.

The updated formatting ability has now control over font size, font face, the text color and cell background color. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 6, 2011 What’s new in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Calculated Values in Pivot Table

Calculated fields becomes an important instrument to visualize OLAP cube data as it is required by certain business task. Sometimes values are not stored in the format that would be best visible. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on December 1, 2011 What’s new in Winter’12 Release v1.5: Conditional Formatting

Flexmonster is about to release a brand new version of the Pivot Table & Charts component, version 1.5. One of the features we are proud of is ability to apply conditional formatting, right as most users used to do in Microsoft Excel.

Conditional formatting empowers ability to focus even more on the trends and information that has to bring attention. (more…)

Andrew Uminski posted on November 24, 2011 Compare Pivot Table and Chart Components for OLAP. Part 2

Welcome back! In this post we continue comparing Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component to current best offerings on the market. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on November 17, 2011 Compare Pivot Table and Chart Components for OLAP. Part 1

In the previous post we gave a brief look over the short list of OLAP data visualization tools and components over the market. Today we will compare the most popular offerings on the market as well as evaluate them versus critical aspects for each business decision maker.

These we consider as important aspects for business intelligence facts analysis. The list also serves as a legend for our comparison table. (more…)

Andrew Uminski posted on November 10, 2011 Overview of Pivot Table Components for OLAP

Pivot table is a popular feature many can find in Microsoft Excel and use to analyze interactively large mass of facts. The robustness of this analysis type allows many to extract trends and patterns that are located inside the data. Pivot table allows you to organize and summarize this information, focus only on the most relevant data and extract the most meaningful business analysis facts.

As the office software moved into cloud with Google Docs and similar applications, a global necessity of web applications that are capable to analyse OLAP cubes has risen. Our team has prepared our own short list on other available OLAP Data Mining and cross-tab reporting tools available currently on the market. (more…)

Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on November 3, 2011 Troubleshooting OLAP/XMLA Connectivity

Today we will talk about common troubles when you try to connect to OLAP cube with Pivot Table & Charts component. Feel free also to use our SQL Analysis Services Diagnostics Tool to verify the connectivity.

I get a “Invalid datasource or catalog.” error.

Please check back on the Catalog and Cube fields as one of them may be leading to the non-existing resource.

I get a “Error #2032” error.

You have to verify your XMLA-enabled OLAP cube server is up and responds fine. The easiest way is to first verify the server is available by http, so you may open the direct URL up in the browser:

  • For Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) –
  • For Microsoft SQL Analysis Services –


Volodymyr Yatsevsky posted on October 7, 2011 Showcase: Connect Pivot Table and Chart Components to XMLA based OLAP Cube

With the Flexmonster pivot table component you can connect to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (2005, 2008) or Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) as well as any other business intelligence software that supports XMLA standard.
Follow these simple steps to get your Pivot connected to XMLA-based OLAP cube: (more…)

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