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Learn how to make web reporting your strong side with Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts tool.

Boost Your Flexmonster Experience with Update Data API Call

There are tons of features you can combine in Flexmonster to reach the pivot table functionality you need. On our YouTube channel, we have started a series of videos called “Tips & Tricks” where we share different interesting approaches to maximize your Flexmonster experience.

The last video, Live data refresh/update hack, explains the details of updateData() API call usage. In this blog post, we will delve into the topic and see how it works from the inside.

Grid customization and styling beyond CSS

The look and feel of the component can be fully customized by means of CSS. It refers to colors, borders, buttons, pop-ups, and grid cells. But there are cases when just CSS is not enough for pivot table report. For example, when you want to represent the numbers in cells by pictograms showing how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ these numbers are.

USEFUL: Add running totals to enhance web reporting

In today’s blog post I want to tell you how to get more from Flexmonster pivot with the help of running totals. To begin with, I’ll tell you what is it - running totals. This is one of the aggregations available for CSV, JSON, FDS databases, MongoDB, MS Analysis Services, and even custom data source APIs. Imagine a list of numbers. A running total keeps track of the sum of these numbers as you go down the list, adding each new number and subtracting any that are removed.

The art of collecting, cleaning and storing small data. Part 1.

In our last blog, we presented a data definition framework. Among all data categories from internal and external sources, human generated data may be crucial for a company. Also, even in the era of Big Data spreadsheets are still very commonly used in small companies and corporations. In other words, there are millions of people collecting and working with the small data type of data which can be easily fitted in an Excel spreadsheet.