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Rockstar Support

Always exceeding your expectations

When testing a new product, its technical support might be hard to evaluate. Is it effective? Is it worth the money?

To help you make a choice, we gathered the main benefits you get with Flexmonster support:

No bots

Forget about indifferent artificial support. We are real people. We care about your experience with us.

Relevant help

We carefully look into each support ticket, considering your project specifics and needs.

Quick responses

No endless waiting for a solution to your ticket! Our team will process your case in a couple of business days or even less.

No support levels

Your case won’t bounce from one support tier to another – it is assigned straight to the right person.

Tech-savvy team

Our team members have deep hands-on knowledge of Flexmonster and modern tech stacks. Rest assured, you will get expert help from us.

Up-to-date docs

Our documentation is constantly reviewed and updated, so you always have the most recent and accurate info about Flexmonster.

We are ready to support you on each step of your integration.

Here is what our customers have to say about our support:

Thank you very much for answering so quickly.
You are a team of 10

Looks like everything is working as expected, much thanks to you and the team!

Thank you so much for the prompt response. The content that you provided does answer my questions. Thank you! I appreciate your help.

Thanks for the sample workaround and we’ve tried it, it did work!

However, the value for money here is their industry-leading support team. Their team shows an unrivaled willingness and care to help you with any inquiry, which I haven't found anywhere in any other industry!

Best in its class, ease of use, flexibility (hence the name), expanding features, best support for addressing needs for new features or learning about existing features.

They have always been very responsive, we collaborated with flexmonster team when the real time was implemented, we provided use cases and very rapidly the feature was added exceeding our expectation.

This product was selected for it's ease of integration into our product as well as the continuing highly-responsive support from the Flexmonster team. All of our needs have been carefully considered and implemented as part of the off-the-shelf package to keep our needs in sync with the product roadmap.

Your support options

Our licenses come with two support plans: Standard and Premium.

Compare our support options and choose the one that suits you best.