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SaaS License

If you are an Independent Software Vendor and plan to embed Flexmonster component into your SaaS platform you can apply for one of our SaaS license models: Annual SaaS Subscription or Unlimited Perpetual Distribution.

All these models can be acquired in Standard or Premium editions. The difference between these models is that with Premium edition you get our Premium Support included into the price of the corresponding model. Please check the details of our Premium Support

In terms of these models, in addition to your production key, you also receive the license key for development with no limitations on the number of your developers who integrate Flexmonster component. This key is issued right after the purchase.

Annual SaaS Subscription
  • Under this plan you are provided with a license key working on your production SaaS domain for multiple users to have access to the Flexmonster functionality.
  • You pay an annual fee for using Flexmonster component in your SaaS which depends on the number of your clients (companies).
  • You get a free maintenance along with your Annual SaaS subscription.
Unlimited Perpetual Distribution
  • With this plan you get unlimited number of perpetual licenses for unlimited number of clients within your project.
  • You will not need to register license keys for your environments, and will not need to renew the key annually, as they are perpetual.
  • With Unlimited Perpetual Distribution you can manage and deploy the component in your own way without referring to Flexmonster team. The only limitation is that the licenses can be provided exceptionally to your clients which are using your application, but not to third-party developers or integrators.
  • You also receive one year of free maintenance (Updates & Support).

In case you need licenses for both your SaaS and for separate deployments to your clients, but you are not ready to proceed with Unlimited Perpetual Distribution model, you can use our special term based on the Annual SaaS Subscription. So, when you subscribe to this plan you can purchase perpetual single corporate licenses for separate deployments with 75% discount. You can make it exceptionally when your Annual SaaS Subscription is active. Nevertheless, if your subscription expires your perpetual single licenses will remain valid for always.