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If you are an Independent Software Vendor who is interested in embedding a pivot component into your web application deployed in internal infrastructures of your clients, you may consider Flexmonster OEM license model.

OEM comes in various packages, which differ in the number of licenses in a package. Each OEM license from a bundle can be used for one client of yours, specifically for on-premises deployment (as opposed to a cloud SaaS platform). The price of each OEM license in a bundle is considerably lower than a separate Single Corporate License.

OEM licenses
  • You can choose a bundle of OEM licenses to suit your specific needs.
  • OEM licenses are perpetual: you can deploy them instantly or keep them for later.
  • OEM licenses come with one year of free maintenance, which includes technical support & product updates.
  • You also get license keys for all pre-production environments of your application (localhost, dev, testing, QA) for free.
  • There is no limitation on the number of your developers who can work with Flexmonster.

OEM licenses are also available in Premium edition, which includes additional premium support services. You can find information on the difference between Standard and Premium support here.

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