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Release notes

August 2022 (v. 2.9.31)

FIX Vue wrapper The shareReportConnection property was added to vue-flexmonster.

FIX Vue wrapper The CSS error notification in new Vue 3 projects was fixed.

FIX Error handling was improved when the fullscreen feature is disabled on the page.

July 2022 (v. 2.9.30)

FIX The issue with setting useOlapFormatting: true was fixed.

July 2022 (v. 2.9.29)

NEW Blazor wrapper A new JavaScriptHandler property was added to the constructor.

FIX The issue with internal aggregations when setting useOlapFormatting: true was fixed.

FIX The issue with scrollToRow and scrollToColumn methods when scrolling to Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER in Firefox was fixed.

FIX The sizes of scrollbars were adjusted for the latest versions of Firefox.

June 2022 (v. 2.9.28)

NEW SSAS It is now possible to set the DATABASE connection string property through the report.dataSource.catalog when connecting to the tabular model via the Accelerator.

NEW Blazor wrapper All Flexmonster events are now asynchronous.

FIX The issue with the Toolbar redraw was fixed.

FIX The issue with exporting to PDF and image in RequireJS was fixed.

FIX Flexmonster CLI The issue with the global npm warning was fixed.

FIX MongoDB Connector The issue with filtering when the /handshake request is not implemented was fixed. 

FIX Blazor wrapper The issue with Caption in the Hierarchy class was fixed.

June 2022 (v. 2.9.27)

NEW The new "dataRootPath" property was added to the DataSourceObject. It allows defining the path to the JSON data in the JSON object.

FIX The exception when there’re only columns in slice and showEmptyValues: true was fixed.

FIX The issue with value filters for nested hierarchies was fixed.

FIX Flexmonster Blazor The issue with type converting in CellDataObject was fixed.