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Release notes

February 2024 (v. 2.9.71)

NEW The useCustomizeCellForData property is now available for export to CSV, HTML, and PDF.

FIX The issue with number precision was fixed for the CellDataObject.

FIX The issue with horizontal scroll jumping when updateData() with the options.partial parameter is called was fixed.

FIX Data Server Now data loading is not happening if there is already data in the cache.

February 2024 (v. 2.9.70)

FIX The issue with expands not being restored when using the custom data source API was fixed.

FIX flexmonster.d.ts The conditions property was added to the CellData interface.

January 2024 (v. 2.9.69)

NEW It is now possible to select a group of cells using Shift + click. Click the necessary cells with the Shift key pressed, and Flexmonster will select the cell area between them.

January 2024 (v. 2.9.68)

NEW It's now possible to set multiple license keys in the licenseKey property through an array (see docs).

NEW Angular 14+ wrapper Implementation of the ngOnDestroy method was added to the ngx-flexmonster wrapper.

NEW Angular 5-15 wrapper Implementation of the ngOnDestroy method was added to the ng-flexmonster wrapper.

NEW Vue wrapper Implementation of the unmounted hook was added to the vue-flexmonster wrapper.

NEW flexmonster.d.ts The divider property was added to the ToolbarTab interface.

FIX The issue with date filters such as "current", "last", and "next" when Daylight Saving Time starts or ends was fixed.

FIX flexmonster.d.ts The chartType property was added to the ChartData and ChartLegendItemData interfaces.

December 2023 (v. 2.9.67)

NEW Blazor wrapper The Aggregation property was added to the ConditionalFormat class.

NEW Flexmonster CLI Flexmonster CLI dependencies were updated.

FIX The issue with drill downs and drill ups when some members are hidden using table sizes was fixed.

FIX The issue with the opposite scroll direction on row header cells in Firefox was fixed.

FIX Blazor wrapper The issue with the Format object configurations not being applied to a report was fixed.

FIX Flexmonster CLI The issue with Flexmonster CLI when using Node.js 21 was fixed.