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Release notes

November 2023 (v. 2.9.65)

NEW The sample Flexmonster and Angular project was updated to Angular 17.

FIX The issue with setting more than 128 measures in the slice was fixed.

FIX Accelerator The .NET Framework runtime was included in the setup project.

November 2023 (v. 2.9.64)

NEW New formatting options "$1" and "1$" were added to the negativeCurrencyFormat property.

NEW A new formatting option "1" was added to the negativeNumberFormat property.

October 2023 (v. 2.9.63)

FIX Update to Content Security Policy (CSP): a single policy named flexmonster was created.

FIX accessibility The issue with keyboard navigation when options.grid.showHeaders is set to false was fixed.

FIX accessibility The issues with keyboard navigation through hidden cells were fixed.

October 2023 (v. 2.9.62)

NEW New serverContentType parameter was added for the save() API call. When saving a report to a server, use the serverContentType to set the Content-Type header for the POST request: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" or "application/json" (preferable).

NEW Compatibility with Content Security Policy (CSP) was improved.

FIX Error handling for saving a report to a server when data exceeds the limit of the encodeURIComponent() method was improved.

FIX Accelerator The issue with recognizing the type of date hierarchies on SSAS tabular models was fixed.

October 2023 (v. 2.9.61)

FIX The issue with field headers disappearing in the classic form when a filter returns an empty result was fixed.

FIX The issue with detecting a target cell for the context menu in the fullscreen mode was fixed.

FIX The issue with drilling up and down multilevel hierarchies when options.grid.showHierarchies is false was fixed.

FIX The issue with omitting some parts of JSON data when the data is loaded by chunks and contains some special characters was fixed.