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Release notes

Version 2.400 / August 14, 2017

NEW Grid rendering was improved greatly. As the result, the scrolling is smooth and fast. The scrolling issues reported by our customers were fixed.

NEW Export from Drill Through was added. When Drill Through popup is opened, Export tab from the toolbar or exportTo() API call get the raw data.

NEW Accelerator for Microsoft Analysis Services and Accelerator for Pentaho Mondrian work much faster. The concurrency was improved: Accelerators work better with multiple threads.

NEW All fixes from version 2.3 are available in 2.4 as well.

NEW New UI for the component was created.

NEW Several built-in themes were added. New themes can be added (via Less or CSS). Find how to use it in our documentation.

NEW customizeCell API call was extended with new possibilities to visualize the data.

NEW jQuery library is no longer required.

NEW Now new Flexmonster() should be used to embed the component.

NEW Conditional Format Object was updated.

NEW Cell Data Object was extended with new properties.

NEW getPages API call was renamed to getReportFilters.

NEW Property pages from Report Object was renamed to reportFilters (with backward compatibility).

NEW Properties configuratorMatchHeight and pagesFilterLayout were removed from Options Object.

NEW The default value of configuratorActive property inside Options Object was changed to false.

NEW Two new events were added:

  • beforegriddraw – String, triggered before grid rendering.
  • aftergriddraw – String, triggered after grid rendering.

To update from the previous major version to 2.4, please read our Migration guide.

Version 2.322 / August 14, 2017

FIX If grand totals are turned off and the measures are above other dimensions in the column or row, the aggregated measures are being displayed correctly on the grid.

FIX The issue with the IF formula for calculated values was fixed.

FIX The issue with the inconsistency between the column order and the fields list order in flat view mode was fixed.

Version 2.321 / July 31, 2017

FIX The issue with exporting flat table to Excel was fixed.

FIX Now when the slice is not set the order of the columns in flat view is the same as in the data source.

Version 2.320 / July 17, 2017

FIX The issue with rearranging columns in flat mode was fixed.

FIX Drill through for a grid with multiple items in report filter was fixed.

Version 2.319 / July 3, 2017

NEW .NET Core Compressor was added (read more).

FIX The issue with loading CSV file with empty column names was fixed.

FIX The localization for the "Too many columns for classic form..." message was added.

FIX The issue with CSV/Excel export in charts mode was fixed.

FIX The issue with cross-site scripting in CSV data was fixed.

FIX Sorting issue for prefiltered data was fixed.

FIX The issue with loading g-zip files in Firefox was fixed.

FIX PHP Compressor The issue with ob_end_flush() error was fixed.

FIX ACCELERATOR MONDRIAN Added new parameter JDBC_DELIMITER to resolve an issue with ; delimiter inside JDBC connection string (read more).