Release notes

January 2023 (v. 2.9.43)

NEW The Exclude option was added to the members' context menu. Use it to hide specific members from the report.

NEW The sample Flexmonster & Ionic project was updated to Ionic 6.

FIX The issue with searching in the filter pop-up window when dataSource.useStreamLoader is set to true was fixed.

FIX Data Server The issue with value filters on the flat view was fixed.

FIX SSAS The issue with showing empty charts if there are no total values was fixed.

January 2023 (v. 2.9.42)

NEW The sample Flexmonster & React Native project was updated to React 18.

NEW React Native wrapper Our React Native wrapper now supports React 18.

NEW Accelerator The minimum required version of .NET was updated from 4.5.2 to 4.7.2.

FIX Performance of the distinct count aggregation for numeric measures was improved.

December 2022 (v. 2.9.41)

NEW The sample Flexmonster & Angular project was updated to Angular 15.

FIX The issue with the reportchange event being triggered twice for the flat view was fixed.

FIX The issue with export to image when using Angular was fixed.

FIX custom data source API The issue with the order of aggs[].keys affecting the hierarchy structure was fixed.

December 2022 (v. 2.9.40)

NEW New formatting options $(1) and (1)$ were added to the negativeCurrencyFormat property.

NEW Data Server PEM certificates are now supported and can be set in the HTTPS settings.

FIX The issue with restoring expandAllColumns/expandAllRows from the slice was fixed.

FIX The issue with losing expanded rows/columns after partial expandAllData() was fixed.

FIX The issue with removing measures using the context menu was fixed.

FIX Data Server The issue with setting an empty password for PFX certificates was fixed.

November 2022 (v. 2.9.39)

NEW The ES5 version was removed from all deliverable packages.

NEW expandAllData() now allows expanding rows and columns separately.

FIX The issue with the drill-down for members with numeric ids was fixed.

FIX The structure of the drill-down queries when using the custom data source API was improved.

FIX Blazor wrapper The issue with the Mapping property of the DataSource object was fixed.