About Flexmonster

Flexmonster is a brand company that was separated from our parent company Newtonideas.

Newtonideas is operating since 1999 and has launched several successful businesses. Flexmonster itself has got 10 years old this year – we are a separate entity since early 2007. We often do mutual projects together with Newtonideas – the relationship is very strong.

The core technology team of Flexmonster has worked together for ~11 years and they are real superstars with unique combination of industry competencies converted into products we built.

Flexmonster flagship product is JavaScript Pivot Table & Charts component for web reporting. This product was first sold early in 2009 and we already have more than 350 corporate customers. Many of them are our OEM partners with more than 5 years of successful cooperation. For example, 5 years ago we started working with EMC, Verizon, and US Government.

We often partner with customers on additional customization projects or products migration (say, Flex to HTML5/JS). The majority of our revenue is coming from repeated orders – when our customers upgrade to higher editions or renew their annual support and upgrades. We are proud to provide fanatic support to our customers.

We value long-term relationships with our clients. For example, in 2011 we started working with large financial organizations such as JP Morgan, Accenture, World Bank, Ebilling (Doxee) and our co-operation with them has been steadily growing year to year. In 2015 we welcomed BCG, Jabil and TATA (among others) as our customers and will continue delivering top-notch product releases and excellent service to all our clients. In 2016 our customers list was extended with such companies as Thomson Reuters and Linx S.A.

Today, our customer list is really broad. It includes software vendors, banks, R&D, management consulting, telecommunication and investment companies, governments (Indonesia, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Australia) and many other companies in different areas.

For the history of our component releases, you can refer to our Blog. We started contributing to this blog in 2011 since component version 1.5. The current version of the component is 2.4 and flexmonster.com is completely devoted to Flexmonster Pivot Table and Charts Component. You are welcome to see its online demo and give it a try with your own data.

This briefly summarizes our background and profile. Should you have any questions or feel like sharing some idea with us, please feel free to contact us.