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Unlimited Perpetual Distribution License

Embed Flexmonster into your application and distribute it with no limitations on:

  • Customers. Deliver Flexmonster Pivot within your application to an unlimited number of your clients.
  • Installations. Distribute your application both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Team and environments. Develop your application with no limits on the number of developers or testing environments.
  • Validity of the license. The Unlimited Distribution License is perpetual and comes with one year of Support of your choice (Standard or Premium) to give you valuable extras.

What do I get if I choose Premium Support with the Unlimited Distribution license?

  • Always prioritized. Your Personal Customer Service Manager with a strong understanding of your project needs ensures that your requests are always prioritized.
  • Expert support. Your challenges are supported by the very same dev team that stands behind Flexmonster’s code. We make sure that your technical issues are resolved efficiently and on time.
  • Hotfixes. We value your time — forget about endless waiting for a fix. If you happen to find a bug, we investigate and provide you with an exact fix date without any delays or surprises.
  • Never on your own. With Premium Support, you get first-rate assistance during all stages of product integration and use.
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