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Integration possibilities extended: Flexmonster Pivot & Flutter framework!

When creating a product, creators always determine its main functions and needs, which it should face. Such clearly defined values and vectors of improvement allow other developers to choose the suitable component for their software or application easily.

Thus, integrations between products are one of the best methods of building better software, as you can skim the cream and prepare a product with only the best ingredients.


Case study: Bluecrux in cooperation with Flexmonster

Leading planning and scheduling company, Bluecrux, strive to develop the best-in-class supply chain and operation solutions that drive innovation of sustainable business growth. Their core mission is to connect customers, sales, operations, finance, partners, and suppliers across the globe through progressive digital technologies.

Today we are proud to showcase the results of our fruitful collaboration with Bluecrux that lasts since 2015.


Flexmonster stops providing the ECMAScript 2009 (ES5) version of the product

ECMAScript 2009, also known as ES5, is the first major revision to JavaScript that was used for many years. Since then several new standards were released and now, in the development of our components, we use only the ES6 standard as it has improved performance and is supported by all modern browsers. The only browser that did not switch to ES6 is InternetExplorer 11, but in 2022 Microsoft stopped supporting it in favor of their new browser Edge.


Pivot Table for Vue 3 applications

For the last few years, Vue.js has notably risen in popularity among modern JavaScript frameworks. Thousands of developers prefer to use Vue in their projects, choosing the best features of React and Angular that are combined in this web development tool. Inspired by the success of the framework, in October 2020, creators released Vue 3.


Flexmonster Pivot with amCharts: a new connector for a smooth integration

The best way to understand large data quantities is to visualize them. Luckily, we have a lot of instruments to do that.

Flexmonster Pivot helps to represent your data grouped in a stylish grid with all the aggregations, sorting, and filtering that has been done before. It also has pivot charts to display this data even more clearly or visually highlight the core.


A rich-featured pivot grid for your Blazor application

Flexmonster always follows new technologies and trends to improve the component so that developers can use it conveniently and simply in any stack.

We are glad to present a new Flexmonster Pivot integration with Blazor

But first, a few words about the Blazor framework.


Load more than 1GB of data. Flexmonster is totally up for this

The more data you have - the more insights you can get.

Now Flexmonster allows you to load and visualize truly massive datasets with the help of a new server-side part specially developed for our pivot table.


Advanced MongoDB connector

Our team is constantly working to improve our component and optimize its performance. Therefore, these improvements could not bypass one of our most popular Flexmonster Pivot integrations with MongoDB.

This database is rightfully one of the most convenient and functional on the market. Therefore it attracts the attention of many developers and users. No wonder it got so popular - its main features are high performance, extra availability, and easy scalability.


Case study: ProConcept in cooperation with Flexmonster

With over 30 years of experience in top-quality ERP software development, ProConcept is a recognized leader in the Switzerland market. More than 15,000 users use ProConcept solutions daily to coordinate their businesses on all levels and make their companies perform efficiently.


Flexmonster is not affected by CVE-2021-44228/Log4J

A new cyber vulnerability connected to Apache Log4J was publicly disclosed on 10 December 2021. The issue identifier is CVE-2021-44228.

Our security experts prepared a statement on how Flexmonster is affected.

Our product, Flexmonster Pivot, is not vulnerable to the Apache Log4J attack. Flexmonster is a JavaScript library without any Java libraries. In particular, Flexmonster does not use the vulnerable Java Log4J library.


Case study: Safari SOP in cooperation with Flexmonster

Safari SOP is a response management solution for corporate legal process teams. The software helps manage subpoenas, deliver responses electronically, and recover costs automatically in a secure online application. Its primary purpose is to save clients' time and reduce the risk when responding to legal demands. 


Case study: ECR Retail Systems in cooperation with Flexmonster

Established in 1973, ECR Retail Systems has come a long way since releasing its first mobile EPoS system in the 1990s. Now ECR is recognized as a market-leading provider of full end-to-end mobile EPoS systems. With clients in more than 20 countries around the world, ECR transforms business operations with innovative solutions, making a significant impact on the future of retail.