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Upcoming version 2.4: Welcome LESS and built-in themes

The feedback from our customers is a crucial source of improvements for Flexmonster team. We carefully collect the requests, analyze them and implement the most expected ones in our major releases. The next version 2.4 will be released quite soon and we continue revealing the new features and improvements.

In the upcoming release, we decided to simplify the maintenance of CSS. (more…)

Style up your data reports: when details matter

Flexmonster Team always monitors new trends and try to be up to date. Thus, in the upcoming 2.4 version we decided to pay more attention to UI design of the component and, following the latest UI tendences, improve usability for desktop and mobile users.

So we are slightly opening the veil of a new UI design of Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts 2.4 version. Just look at it!

USEFUL: List of simple solutions for common errors in pivot table

We always try to expand our documentation and add some useful articles for our customers. For instance, recently you could have seen our new tutorial for integration with Angular 4. This time we decided to make the process of maintaining Flexmonter in your applications easier. (more…)

Update data in run time

Flexmonster pivot table component is a convenient tool for data analysis and visualization. It offers fast pivot grid control, built-in pivot charts, integration with 3rd party charting libraries. Moreover, the application can have more than one instance of the component. That allows creating a dashboard view with different charts and tables. (more…)

Increase the level of your data security with Flexmonster

When working with different data sources and giving access to your data to connect with our Pivot Table, you definitely want to be sure that it’s secured. This concern is understandable, thus we've developed simple solutions to protect your data. (more…)

CustomizeCell: the new level of grid customization

CSS gives us a lot of possibilities to change the look and feel of the component (read more in the Сustomizing appearance tutorial). But sometimes it is not enough. For example, what if we have a report with countries and want to make countries clickable (hyperlinks) and show additional details for each of them? (more…)

Toolbar customization: introducing new approach

As you already may know, in addition to pivot grid and charts our component is also bundled with handy Toolbar. It provides easy access to the most used features: connecting to data, opening saved reports, switching between different chart types, applying number and conditional formatting, exporting to Excel, etc.  (more…)

How to use ‘subquery’ parameter for faster data loading

In the new build 2.304, we want to present you a new feature which can be extremely useful for those of our client who works with MS Analysis Services or icCube.

From now you can restrict the amount of data to load from OLAP cube by using 'subquery' in the list of connection parameters. (more…)

Pivot table based on the data from SQL databases: how to achieve the best performance

   This blog post will be especially interesting for those integrators who use SQL databases in their projects. Recently we have started getting more and more similar requests such as:

  1. “We use SQL DB and we want to reduce the time of data loading inside the component.”
  2. “We have a lot of rows in our SQL DB, but due to browsers restrictions we can’t load them all...”
  3. “We have several user roles in our system with different permissions and we want to show the data from our SQL DB according to the levels of access.”

At first sight, those three situations are different, but as you will see, they can be solved in the same way. (more…)

Moving to JSON: converter for old XML reports

Starting from version 2.3 we have moved from XML to new JSON format for saving pivot reports. It means that all inputs and outputs are now in JSON format by default. Despite the fact that all XML reports are still backward compatible, we are receiving numerous questions about an easy way of migrating to the new format.


NEW! Flexmonster 2.3 Release: Extended Opportunities for Your Reporting

Get ready to download the new version! Yes, Flexmonster 2.3 is released.

The new features that will help any integrator to use our сomponent even easier in their applications, better interface and possibilities for end-users to extend their reporting greatly - all this and more you will find in the new release.

New Editions: What’s The Change and Which One to Choose?

Here they come - new editions that were introduced together with 2.3 release. This means that if you are a holder of the previous edition - Premium, Advanced, Site or Professional - it will be automatically replaced with a new one that fully matches your usage. This happens when you update to the 2.3 version. Such change of the edition does not require additional payments as it is done in terms of your maintenance. Thus, we want it to happen as smoothly as possible, so please follow the descriptions and instructions below. (more…)