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Localize Pivot Component to Your Business Needs

The basic feature of a quality flexible component is its custom ability and localization to your project's needs. Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component can be easily localized, so it can be shown in English for US and in French for France or to any other language your users used to. Doing localization as seamless as possible is one of the tasks we have implemented in a convenient way for Flexmonster Pivot integration developers.

Story is in the air


Beforehand I wrote about the impact of data visualisation on business reports. Hopefully, arguments based on how our brain perceives and decodes information were quite compelling for you. Further, we will examine some underlying ideas which also have a huge influence on the effectiveness of your business reports.


When data speaks to business

It is not a novel concept that data visualization is crucial for efficient business reporting. Essentially the purpose of reports is to decode abstract data into visual stories which can be understood in an efficient, precise, and meaningful way. Thus, business leaders need to invest in the ability to gather ideas and insights from their data through visualisation.

Among main benefits for executives, visual data displaying gives optimal support for the following:

  • Observing the big picture. As CEO is responsible for strategic development seeing the big picture is fundamental for any executive.
  • Recognising and analysing patterns and relationships among values. Taking actions in a business environment requires a deeper understanding of possible consequences based on the knowledge and a bit of intuition.
  • Identifying appearing trends faster. The speed of making decisions can play a significant role for competing in today’s global world.
  • (more…)

What is hidden behind the scatter diagram?

After the battle between pie charts and bar charts, it is a good time to relax and explore scatter plots. Since last time we pointed out main goals of using charts and graphs and mentioned investigating trends and relationships between variables in the data. Exactly for this purpose, all types of scatter plots are typically used. A scatter plot shows values for usually two variables for a set of data. The data is displayed as a collection of points with positions on the horizontal axis set according to the values of one variable and positions on the vertical axis set under to the value of the other variable. (more…)

What do you prefer pies or chocolate bars?

Last time we were exploring risk factors of having a coronary heart disease with the help of Flexmonster Pivot Table Component. In the process, we had been using a flat table, pivot table, and charts above all. This time, we will talk about using pie charts and bar charts for different purposes.
Selecting a type of chart depends primarily on what sort of data you have, at what stage of your analysis you are, and what message you want to convey. Generally, charts and graphs are used for one of the following purposes:

  1. to show a composition of the data,
  2. to investigate a distribution and/or trends,
  3. to express comparisons and/or relationships,
  4. to illustrate a process or display a location.


Keep using Flash or Flex version?- We have options for you!

In May 2015 we announced about terminating the development of Flash and Flex versions of the Component in future releases. Due to the market tendencies we took the strong decision to completely focus on the development of HTML5 version only. And we need to stress out that the current 2.2 release is the last one that includes Flash and Flex versions.

Yes, we are on the threshold of some big changes in our Pivot component offer, still, you shouldn’t worried. (more…)

Analysing risks of Having a Heart Attack

Last time we slightly discussed the role of data visualisation in exploration data analysis (EDA). As promised, this time, we are going to run such analysis using Flexmonster Pivot Table Component. For this work, we had chosen always actual health care topic. (more…)

Data visualisation on the service of Sherlock Holmes


"I see it, I deduce it...You see, but you do not observe."

A Scandal in Bohemia.

A week ago we started series of blogs about data visualisation with covering the main aspects of qualitative visualisations[1]. Followed by the logic of using visualisation on the different stages of a typical analytic process we proceed our way with describing the role of visualisation techniques in the exploratory data analysis (EDA). It is an actual topic as nowadays many EDA approaches have been assimilated into data mining, as well as into big data analytics. (more…)

In the Data Visualisation Rush

Data volumes which can be easily produced and accumulated nowadays are enormous but revealing their advantages is harder than ever. What we still need is complex and erratic information to be presented with clarity, efficiency and precision. For this purpose, we have a variety of data visualisation tools at our disposal, but in a rush, we can easily slip into vivid visualisation effects and lose benefits of the systematic approach of working with data.

Therefore in anticipation of lifting Flexmonster Pivot Table Component to a new level, we start a series of weekly blogs about data visualisation. We will go all the way through often neglected basics to everyday tips for making your visual communication better. Let us start with a quick review of three key principles of the qualitative data visualisation. (more…)

Flexmonster License Models: Which One to Choose?

After the Component evaluation you could probably face the question: what license model to choose? With this blog post we will help you to make the right decision when you are trying to get the most suitable license model for your project.

There are two main license models for Flexmonster Component usage:

Connecting to SQL Databases: Fast data loading with updated Flexmonster Data Compressor for .NET, Java, PHP

If you are the one who has already used our Compressor, we have good news for you about important updates that our team recently implemented. And if you haven’t tried it yet, please read the information and don’t delay using it.

Whom it may concern:  All who works with relational data.

Flexmonster development team has updated Flexmonster Data Compressor - the special server-side compression tool that helps you to increase data loading speed from a server to customer’s browser and makes data loading notably faster. (more…)

Flexmonster 2.3 Version Roadmap: So, What’s The Plan?

Along with our minor releases that come every 2 weeks as the improvements to 2.2 version, our team is also working non-stop on the new major release. The work on 2.3 version is already underway and we think it would be fair to share our plans with you.

The direction we chose is based on our customers requests, support cases that we have received and also the new trends on the analytics market today.

Сertainly, it’s just a small part of all improvements that will be included in 2.3. release but still the noteworthy ones.

New features in 2.3 version are coming this autumn: