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Mondrian vs Elasticsearch: What to Choose For Your Project

Finding an analytics back-end engine for your business application is a challenge for developers and data warehouse architects.

Your choice always depends on a wide range of business, application-specific and hardware requirements which need to be considered in the early phases of the software development lifecycle. (more…)

NEW! 2.7 Version. Look out for improvements

When you are a developer who is searching for a web tool as a part of your solution, what are your selection criteria?

Most likely your choice will fall on:


NEW Pivot 2.7: Use extra filters for your reports

It goes without saying that filtering is one of the main pivot table features. By outlining a specific set of data it helps focus on what matters more.

Previously, with our component you were able to use three kinds of filtering: by members, by values and a report filter. (more…)

New Pivot 2.7: optimized for your browser’s memory

Only one release ago our development team made a massive reduction of browser’s memory consumption by our Pivot. This is a tangible optimization for all clients that extended the ability of our product to load more data.

Introducing Flexmonster Pivot for Elasticsearch

Today we are glad to announce that we have released a public version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts that supports Elasticsearch data source. To put it simply, from now you can create insightful reports based on the data from an Elasticsearch index directly in the browser. And, as always, Flexmonster requires minimum efforts to set up the configuration to do that. The whole process is truly time-saving. You can make it sure by personal experience.


Case study: Junar Delivers Open Data Platform with Online Reporting Enhanced by Flexmonster Pivot Component

Company Profile
Name: Junar
Region: United States
Industry: IT solutions
Function: Data Economy, Open Data, Big Data (more…)

Pivot Table – The Cornerstone of Data Analysis

As you might have noticed, we often refer to Flexmonster as a pivot table. But what does that term exactly mean? How do pivot tables function and what can you actually do with them? Let us get back to the basics of pivot tables and find out.

Pivot table is a data processing tool, a two-dimensional table used to summarize, explore, and present large amounts of data. (more…)

Case study: Treeni in cooperation with Flexmonster

In a modern world, the possibilities come not from owning the data but from properly managing and analyzing it.

Today we want to showcase our partnership with Treeni — a really great company working with sustainability data management and analytics. (more…)

Overview of Pivot Table Components for OLAP

A pivot table is a popular feature many can find in Microsoft Excel and use to interactively analyze the large mass of facts. The robustness of this analysis type allows many to extract trends and patterns that are located inside the data.

The pivot table allows you to organize and summarize this information, focus only on the most relevant data and extract the most meaningful business analysis facts.


Case study: GAtec in cooperation with Flexmonster

Keeping in touch with our clients is important for our team. Sharing how Flexmonster is successfully applied to meet the business needs of our customers inspires us, so we decided to start a case study series where we would share some of that insight with our readers.

Today we are proud to showcase our partnership with GAtec — one of the top information system solutions on the Brazilian agribusiness market. (more…)

New! 2.6 Release: the next wave of hot summer features. Surf’s up!

We hope you are having a great summer. Our team decided to fulfill your warm working days with a light breeze of new version features.

These version 2.6 features satisfy the most popular requests from end-users and also offer the new possibilities for developers.

Let’s dive in details! In new 2.6 You are able to: (more…)

Visualize your MongoDB data with Pivot Table and Data Compressor

Our team continues to work hard on the component's performance optimization which has always been of great importance to our users and customers.

Therefore, in the light of a new 2.6 version of Flexmonster release, we are happy to inform you about the new significant feature - Compressor for JSON data source which will boost the performance of your project when loading the JSON data from MongoDB or other NoSQL Database into Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts.