Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trial period?
The trial period is 30 days starting from the date of download, with no obligations and no credit card needed. Please contact us if you need to have your license extended to continue evaluation or testing.
Are there any limitations in the trial version?
The trial version is fully-featured. The only difference is that it has the trial watermark and doesn’t support integration with third-party charting libraries. It also cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Can I test Flexmonster with third-party charting libraries or get a non-watermarked trial version?
Yes, please contact our Sales Team if you need a special trial version.
What are the system requirements for using Flexmonster?
Our web component works on any modern browser and does not need any plugins. The only requirements are:
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Minimal recommended size for Pivot Component is 400×300px
  • Whichever browser you prefer, it is recommended that you use the most up-to-date version available. Check out minimum browser requirements.
How do I embed Flexmonster into my web application?
The process consists of a few easy steps which are described in our Quickstart tutorial.
What frameworks can Flexmonster integrate with?
Flexmonster is a JavaScript component. It can be integrated with any technology stack which supports JavaScript, from jQuery and Angular to ASP.NET and Java JSP. Please follow the link to see the list of tutorials for the most common technologies.
What data sources does Flexmonster support?
Our component supports JSON, CSV, SQL database, Microsoft Analysis Services, Mondrian, and icCube data sources.
What is included in the download package?
Each downloaded package has the following structure:
  • Pivot Table for .../ – folder with pivot table, ... is changed depending on your data source
    • client/ – folder that contains application files
      • flexmonster/ – folder with Flexmonster pivot table files
        • lib/ – folder with utilities
        • theme/ – folder with predefined CSS themes
        • toolbar/ – folder with JS code of our Toolbar
        • flexmonster.css – CSS of our component
        • flexmonster.js – our main file which you include in your project
        • flexmonster.min.css – minified CSS of our component
      • index.html – live demo
    • server/ – folder with Compressor/Accelerator, provided for Microsoft Analysis Services, Pentaho Mondrian or SQL database data sources
    • compressor/ – folder with Compressor, provided for CSV data source
    • readme.html – a simple tutorial on how to embed the component
  • Flexmonster-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf – our Flexmonster Terms & Conditions for the trial version
Where does Flexmonster store data?
Flexmonster is a fully client-side component, which means that all aggregations and calculations are performed solely in the browser. The data never leaves the browser and is never stored anywhere else.
How do you ensure security when connecting to databases / OLAP cubes?
We offer special server-side tools, Flexmonster Accelerator for OLAP cubes and Flexmonster Data Compressor for SQL databases or CSV files. They add additional security to your data and allow restriction of any external access. You can read all the details about security concepts in our blog post.
Can I connect to a SQL database directly?
Direct connection from the browser to the database is not secure, which is why it is not supported in Flexmonster. We solved this problem and created Flexmonster Data Compressor – a special server-side compression tool that ensures security and helps you to increase data loading speed from server to customer’s browser. Flexmonster Compressor is available for .NET, Java and PHP. We have detailed tutorials for each technology.
Is it possible to connect to my OLAP cube via XMLA protocol?
Flexmonster supports connection to OLAP cubes via XMLA protocol. However, it is not a secret that XMLA protocol requires significant time resources on configuration and often works slowly. That is why our team has created Flexmonster Accelerator – a special server-side utility for increasing data loading speed. This utility can be configured much faster. Also, Accelerator ensures security and provides access for users with different roles and access levels. Additional information is available in our documentation:
What is the difference between the licenses you offer?
Flexmonster is available in four license models:

    • Single Corporate License. Under this license, you can use Flexmonster by employees of one company.

    • OEM. Under OEM licensing, you can embed Flexmonster in you application and distribute it to multiple customers. This license model is perfect for situations when your application is deployed on separate domains:, etc.

    • SaaS. Under SaaS license, you can embed Flexmonster in your cloud platform, accessed by multiple customers. SaaS license is perfect for situations when your application is hosted on one main domain and each of your customers has a separate subdomain to access it:, etc.

  • Unlimited Distribution. This is the most comprehensive license model. It gives you the freedom to embed Flexmonster in your application and deploy it however you want, from single-tenant on-premises environments (i.e. OEM deployment) to cloud and multi-tenant platforms (i.e. SaaS deployment).
All license models include everything you need to use Flexmonster: deployment in both production and pre-production (dev/test/QA) environments, availability for an unlimited number of developers, unlimited technical support and access to the latest updates.

Some license models can also come in various editions (depending on the data source, number of customers supported etc). You can find more information on the pricing page.
What is the difference between Annual and Perpetual licenses?
Single Corporate License can be either Annual or Perpetual (i.e. lifetime). Annual license will work for 1 year after the purchase, after which you would need to renew the license to continue using it. In turn, Perpetual license has no expiration date.
Do I need separate licenses for my development and/or staging environments?
No, if you purchase a license you will be able to use Flexmonster on your development and staging environments for free.
Is there a limitation on the number of developers that can work with Flexmonster?
No, there is no limitation on the number of your developers that can use your Flexmonster license.
How can I check my license information?
To check additional information about your license (e.g. edition, supported data sources, expiration date etc) just click on the grid when inside Flexmonster and press Ctrl+Alt+i.
If I have multiple applications, do I need a separate license for each of them?
Yes, one Flexmonster license can be used with only one application. This is true for all license models.
Does Flexmonster have dependencies on any other products?
Flexmonster has only open source components embedded in the product. Below is a list of these libraries and corresponding licenses.
How can I purchase Flexmonster?
You can make a purchase either directly from the pricing page by selecting the desired license and clicking the Buy button, or by requesting an invoice with payment information and using the payment method you prefer.
How can I request an invoice or quotation?
Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to request an invoice or quotation.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and check payments.
Where can I find pricing for SaaS and OEM licenses?
SaaS and OEM license packages come in a variety of options, that differ in the number of clients, users etc. Please contact our Sales Team for pricing information.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we do offer discounts in some cases, please contact our Sales Team for more information.
How do you deliver Flexmonster Pivot after the purchase?
We distribute our component digitally, which means you will receive an email with a download link. In addition to the download link, you will receive your license key(s) and some general information about your license (data source, expiration date etc).
What information is embedded into my license key?
Each license key contains information about the data source, domain name, expiration date, and maintenance duration. With your specific license key, Flexmonster can be used only with the data sources available for your current license and only on your specific domain. If you would like to test Flexmonster with data sources not included in your license, please leave us a request via our contact form.
Where can I find my license key?
To find the information about the license key, version, and edition, please click on the grid when inside Flexmonster and press Ctrl+Alt+i. Your license key can also be found in the email you received after the purchase.
What if somebody copies my license key and tries to use it elsewhere?
A license key is always tied to your exact domain and will not work with any other domain.
Do I need separate keys for production and development environments?
Yes, with your development key the component can be run only locally on your computer (localhost) or on the server using IP address. To run the component in the production environment (domain/URL) you need to have a separate production key which is tied to your production domain/URL. More information about license keys types is available in our documentation: Managing license keys.
How can I update my license key?
When you receive a new license key from us for demo or testing purposes, after renewal etc., you need to replace your old key with the new one. Open the file where Flexmonster is embedded into your application (for example, index.html). Find licenseKey and replace its value with the new key. To check that the key was updated, click on the grid when inside Flexmonster and press Ctrl+Alt+i.
Do you provide support for your component?
Support is included into the annual maintenance. You can request support by posting a question in Client’s area or directly on our Forum.
Are there different Support options?
Yes, we offer two Support options: Standard and Premium. It’s not that Standard Support is not good enough, Premium Support simply comes with special benefits which some of our clients find convenient and suitable for their specific needs. More information on the difference between Standard and Premium Support can be found here: Support Options.
Can I update to newer versions? How?
You can update the component as often as you want within your active maintenance period. We normally release minor updates once every two weeks. Please see the steps here: Updating to the latest version.
If I face an issue with Flexmonster, what should I do?
First of all, you can use our website search to find related information. In case your topic has already been covered in our Support forum, please look through all related threads. Feel free to ask for any additional details if you need.
How can I report a bug?
First of all, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Flexmonster. If not, please try updating to the latest version, as your bug may have already been fixed. If that doesn’t help, report the bug on our Support forum. Please include as much information as you can: component’s version, your data source, steps to reproduce the issue, valuable attachments such as screenshots, sample reports, errors from the browser’s console etc. If you do not remember your component’s version, you can check this information by clicking on the grid and pressing Ctrl+Alt+i. The more details you provide, the sooner we will be able to reproduce your issue on our side.
If I report a bug, how quickly can I get it fixed?
For each fix we determine the delivery time based on the complexity of the reported bug. Usually, we provide you with an ETA and then deliver the fix in a minor release. The list of fixed issues for each minor release is available in our Release notes. Premium Support allows for faster fixes of the bugs you report. In some cases, you can even have a bug fixed on the run. Please have a look at other benefits of Premium support.
Where can I see the update history of Flexmonster?
The update history of Flexmonster component is available in our Release notes. We have been carefully documenting all updates since version 2.112 (July 6, 2015).
If Flexmonster shows an error message, what should I do?
Please check out the Problem-solving page with simple what-to-do scenarios for the error pop-ups you may see.
Want to tell us what you think?
In Flexmonster we truly care about what our clients want to say. We are always eager to hear your thoughts and comments about Flexmonster component. Please share your success stories, reviews, and ideas via Contact us form. Let us create something great together!
What happens when my license/maintenance expires?
After the maintenance period is over, you will no longer be able to update your component and receive Support, but the component continues to work. In case your annual license expires, the component stops working.
How can I renew my license?
  • If you have an Annual license you can renew it by getting a new Annual license on the website or by requesting an invoice from the Sales team.
  • If you have a perpetual license, there’s no need to renew it, as it would not stop running. You can renew the annual maintenance to get Support & Updates.
How can I renew my annual maintenance?
To renew the annual maintenance, please request the quote/invoice from the Sales team.
I missed the renewal of my annual maintenance, can I renew again later?
Yes, you can renew the maintenance anytime after its expiration and get a special discount. You can get the best value on renewal prices if you continuously renew your annual maintenance. Please contact our Sales team for more details.
What is the difference between renewing the annual maintenance for the perpetual license and getting an Annual subscription?
  • If you renew the annual maintenance of your perpetual license, the updates you get throughout that year can be kept perpetual with your license.
  • If you get an Annual subscription you can use the component and receive updates only during the subscription period. Afterwards, the license stops running.
  • If you have a perpetual license and decide to get an Annual Subscription, it is considered as a separate license. So, you would not be able to keep the updates from the Annual Subscription with your perpetual license.
Why do we need to change keys if we have a perpetual license?
When you have a perpetual license, your license key does not have an expiration date. At the same time, the key has embedded information about the maintenance expiration date. After this date, you won’t be able to install any updates. So, you need to get a new key whenever you renew your maintenance to be able to apply updates.
Do you have a manual for clients?
All useful licensing information can be found on the Client Information page and when signed into you personal account in the Client’s area.