1. API reference
  2. Welcome
    1. Component overview
    2. Quick start
    3. System requirements
    4. Troubleshooting
    5. Managing license keys
  3. Connecting to Data Source
    1. JSON
      1. Connecting to JSON
      2. Data types in JSON
    2. CSV
      1. Connecting to CSV
      2. Connecting to CSV using the Data Compressor
      3. Data types in CSV
    3. Database
      1. Connecting to SQL databases
      2. Connecting to other databases
      3. Connecting to a database with Node.js
      4. Connecting to a database with .NET
      5. Connecting to a database with .NET Core
      6. Connecting to a database with Java
      7. Connecting to a database with PHP
    4. Microsoft Analysis Services
      1. Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services
      2. Getting started with the Accelerator
      3. Installing the Accelerator as a Windows Service
      4. Referring the Accelerator as a DLL
      5. Configuring the authentication process
      6. Configuring a secure HTTPS connection
      7. Troubleshooting
    5. Pentaho Mondrian
      1. Connecting to Pentaho Mondrian
      2. Getting started with Accelerator
      3. Configuring Mondrian roles
      4. Сonfiguring username/password protection
      5. Сonfiguring secure HTTPS connection
      6. Troubleshooting
    6. icCube
  4. Security
    1. Accelerator security
    2. Data Compressor Security
  5. Configuring report
    1. What is a report
    2. Data source
    3. Slice
    4. Options
    5. Number formatting
    6. Conditional formatting
    7. Set report to the component
    8. Get report from the component
    9. Date and time formatting
    10. Configuring global options
    11. Export and print
    12. Calculated values
    13. Custom sorting
  6. Integration with frameworks
    1. Available tutorials
    2. Integration with AngularJS (v1.x)
    3. Integration with Angular
    4. Integration with React
    5. Integration with Webpack
    6. Integration with ASP.NET
    7. Integration with jQuery
    8. Integration with JSP
    9. Integration with TypeScript
    10. Integration with RequireJS
    11. Integration with PhoneGap
  7. Integration with charts
    1. Integration with Highcharts
    2. Integration with Google Charts
    3. Integration with FusionCharts
    4. Integration with any charting library
  8. Customizing
    1. Customizing toolbar
    2. Customizing appearance
    3. Customizing context menu
    4. Localizing component
  9. Updating to the latest version
    1. Updating to the latest version
    2. Release notes
    3. Migration guide from 2.5 to 2.6
    4. Migration guide from 2.4 to 2.5
    5. Migration guide from 2.3 to 2.4
    6. Migration guide from 2.2 to 2.3
    7. Documentation for older versions
Table of contents

Managing license keys

All Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts editions need a license key.

You can set a license key for the component via the licenseKey parameter in JavaScript.

You receive a trial key when you download the trial package, it can be found in index.html. To use the component, set the value of licenseKey to your trial key.
When you purchase a license, your trial key can be replaced by a license key.

Types of keys

We offer the following types of keys:

  • A trial key is provided within the trial package. The component runs with a trial key without any restrictions, with all functionality available in the downloaded edition. The only limitation is that integration with 3rd party charting libraries is not available. This key is temporary and has an expiration date. Usually the trial period lasts for 30 days.
  • A development license key is provided for development purposes. It is applicable to your localhost environment. Using a development key, the component can be run locally on your computer (localhost) or on a server using the server’s IP address. We do not license on a per-developer basis, so you only need one license for the whole development team that is working on the same project. This key is issued right after the purchase. A development license key can have an expiration date or it can be perpetual – depending on the purchased license.
  • A production license key is provided for the production environment (domain/URL) where the component runs (e.g. yourcompany.com). You do not need to know the production domain at the moment of purchase, instead you can ask for the production key just prior to publishing your application on the web. This key is tied to your domain name. A production license key can have an expiration date or it can be perpetual – depending on the purchased license.
  • A staging key can be issued by request after a Flexmonster license is purchased. It can be used for testing on the real domain, but not in the production environment.

You will receive a development key right after you purchase a Flexmonster license. When you know the target domain/URL, you will receive a production key.

Component editions

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts is available in 5 editions: Pivot Table for MS Analysis Services, Pivot Table for Pentaho Mondrian, Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON, Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON Basic, and the Enterprise Bundle.

Each edition has its own key. See the details below:

  • Pivot Table for MS Analysis Services works with data from Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes.
  • Pivot Table for Pentaho Mondrian supports data from Mondrian or icCube.
  • Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON supports data from SQL Databases or static files. It has no restrictions for CSV, OCSV and JSON data size.
  • Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON Basic supports data from SQL Databases or static files. CSV and JSON data sources are limited to a maximum size of 5MB, and OCSV data sources are limited to 2MB.
  • Enterprise Bundle supports all supported data sources, including SQL Databases, CSV files, JSON, Microsoft Analysis Services, Mondrian and icCube. This edition has no restrictions for data size.

For prices and further details for each component's edition please visit Pricing page.