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    This guide describes all types of license keys that we offer:

    See how to manage license keys in Flexmonster.

    Trial key

    A trial key is used for the trial version. With a trial key, Flexmonster is fully-featured. The only restriction is that integration with 3rd-party charting libraries is not available.

    This key is temporary and has an expiration date. Usually, the trial period lasts for 30 days. Visit FAQ to learn more about the trial version.

    A trial key is set automatically, except for when the .zip download package is used. Learn how to set a trial key if Flexmonster is installed from the download package.

    Development key

    A development license key is provided for development purposes. With a development key, the component can be run locally on your computer (localhost) or on a server using the server’s IP address.

    We do not license on a per-developer basis, so you only need one license for the whole development team that is working on the same project. This key is issued right after the purchase. Depending on the purchased license, a development license key can have an expiration date or be perpetual.

    Staging key

    A staging key can be issued on request after a Flexmonster license is purchased. It can be used for testing on a real domain but not in a production environment.

    Production key

    A production license key is provided for the production environment (domain/URL) where the component runs (e.g., You do not need to know the production domain at the moment of purchase. Instead, you can ask for the production key just prior to publishing your application on the web.

    This key is tied to your domain name. Depending on the purchased license, a production license key can have an expiration date or be perpetual.

    Note You will receive a development key right after you purchase a Flexmonster license. When you know the target domain/URL, you can request a production key.

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