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We are glad to welcome our new and our loyal Customers. To help you clarify some aspects of your usage of Flexmonster license, we have prepared some useful tips and descriptions.

When the license is purchased, you receive a welcoming letter with the following information:

  • Key for development: (provided in the welcoming letter) for development purposes. It is applicable for your local host environment.
  • Production key: for production environment (domain/URL) where the component runs. It is not obligatory to know the production domain at the moment of purchase. You can always provide us with the production domain later and we will issue the production key.
  • Package: the component itself is ready for download from a link in the email. (Or if you have already downloaded the trial version, you can just replace the trial key with the development or production key).
  • Free maintenance: one year of free Support & Updates from Flexmonster Team.

Please note:

  1. The keys and the package correspond to the edition you have purchased and thus to a specific datasource.
  2. The production key cannot be terminated, revoked or transferred to another domain.

Annual maintenance

Annual Maintenance includes two main parts:

  • Support
    You can get bug fixing, technical and customer assistance on the integration of the Component into your application from our support team. It is provided by our technical team and managers. For technical assistance please use the Forum and for other questions please contact your Client Service manager directly.

Please note that we do not integrate the Component into your application as a part of your maintenance. Nevertheless, we may provide you with technical advice on the issues with 3rd party software during the integration.

  • Updates
    We release minor versions including bug fixes and ongoing enhancements once every two weeks and one or two major versions with significant improvements annually.

Please see the steps of how to update your component to the newest version.

With your active annual maintenance you can proceed to discounted upgrades and take part in our promos. Please follow the news on the website or the newsletters.

Also, you have a chance to get Premium Support with a range of possibilities and services. Please see the detailed terms

Renewal of the annual maintenance

After a year of free Support & Updates you can choose whether you would like to continue receiving them. In a month before the expiration date we remind you about it.

  • for SCL perpetual

Annual maintenance for SCL is 50% of the price of the license at the moment of renewal (no matter at which price the license was bought). You have a month after the expiration date to renew the maintenance with the mentioned 50% discount. Afterwards, you need to acquire Support & Updates at a license’s full cost.

  • for Annual Subscription: SCL and SaaS

In Annual Subscription you get the maintenance included, it is active together with the license.

  • for OEM Royalty

After the first year of being our OEM Royalty Partner you can renew the maintenance for the whole package of licenses at a special price. Per license maintenance is not available.

  • for Perpetual SaaS license, Unlimited Distribution and OEM Unlimited license

The first year of the maintenance is for free. Starting from the second year you can choose to continue receiving our full Support & Updates at a special price.

At the moment of renewal you can also get our Premium Support as an additional option with 50% discount.

Premium support

This is an additional option that can be added to your annual maintenance in order to obtain certain extra privileges. Also, with the Premium support option, your requests will be prioritized. You can see the comparison table of Standard and Premium Support.

Please note that Premium Support cannot replace the Standard annual maintenance. It is an additional option.


When you have your annual maintenance active you can proceed to an upgrade of the license. For example, you want to deploy your application with Flexmonster component to a number of clients. But you do not want to buy the OEM package right from the start. No problem! You can go for a Single Corporate License and then upgrade to the OEM Royalty license. Or you bought an Annual Subscription, but now you need it to be perpetual. No problems! You can upgrade to Single Corporate License perpetual.

Here are the terms of the upgrade:

  • If you proceed to an upgrade within 6 months after the purchase of the first license, then the cost of the first license in deducted from the price of the new license.
  • If you proceed to an upgrade in 6 months or later after the purchase of the first license, then the cost of the first license is not deducted from the price of the new license.
  • With the upgrade you get a year of annual maintenance and thus a new renewal date.

Popular cross licenses upgrades:

Upgrade from To
Single Corporate license OEM Royalty
OEM Unlimited
Unlimited Distribution
Annual SaaS Subscription SaaS Perpetual license
Unlimited Distribution
Annual SaaS Subscription
SaaS Perpetual license
OEM Royalty
OEM Unlimited
Unlimited Distribution

Also, there are some cross editions upgrades:

Upgrade from To
Pivot Table for MS Analysis Services
Pivot Table for Pentaho Mondrian
Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON Unlimited
Enterprise Bundle
Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON Basic Pivot Table for SQL/CSV/JSON Unlimited
Enterprise Bundle


If you cannot find the needed feature you can ask for the customization from our development team.

The custom feature development is discussed separately with the development team. All time and cost estimations, predevelopment assistance are part of the Premium Support.

Nevertheless, you can always reach out to check whether the requested features are on the roadmap.

Estimating the costs: If the requested feature is of our interest as well, we would offer you to split equally the full price between your company and Flexmonster to invest together into the development. Then, we have a right to add the customized feature to our next release. If the feature does not meet the future roadmap of the Component, the full price has to be established.