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Client information

We are excited to have you as a client of Flexmonster. Whether you are a new customer or someone that has been with us for years, our goal is to make you feel welcome and help you get the most out of Flexmonster in your project.

In this section, you can find essential information about your license and related topics.

Getting started with your license

Once you have become a customer of Flexmonster, you receive a license package accompanying your license. A standard package includes:

  • Download link: a personal link where you can download your copy of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts anytime.
  • Development key: a license key that allows you to work with Flexmonster exclusively in your localhost environment. It is intended to be used for development purposes.
  • Production key: a license key that allows you to run Flexmonster in your production environment – a domain where your application is accessed by the end-users.
  • Staging/testing/QA keys: license keys for your pre-production domains (if needed).
  • License terms: basic information about your license, including the expiration date, supported data source(s), any limitations on the number of users, maintenance conditions, etc.

Note some important points about license keys:

  • The license keys are always tied to your exact domain names, e.g. (subdomains matter).
  • You are not required to know your target production and pre-production domains when purchasing the license. The appropriate license keys can be requested at a later time.
  • The license keys cannot be revoked, transferred to another domain, or terminated. Keep this in mind when requesting them.
  • We do not license on a per-developer basis, so you only need one set of keys for the whole development team working on the same project.

You can refer to this page for more information related to license keys.

Annual maintenance

Your Flexmonster license comes with annual maintenance. The purpose of the maintenance is to ensure that you always have the best experience with Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts. The maintenance includes two main components: Support and Updates.

Support: technical expertise and assistance for questions related to Flexmonster - provided by our developers and our Tech support. The fastest and most efficient way to get your technical questions answered is to raise a ticket at our Tech support page. For other questions (such as any commercial and service-related questions), please contact our Customer Service Team. Support is offered in two options: Standard and Premium.

Updates: the option to update to the latest versions of Flexmonster once they are released. We release minor versions that include bug fixes and ongoing enhancements once every two weeks. Additionally, once or twice a year we release a new major version with significant improvements and new features. To update your copy of Flexmonster, see updating to the newest version.

Finally, if you have an active license maintenance, you can participate in our promotion deals. Please follow the updates in our e-mail newsletters and on the website.

Annual maintenance renewal

Your license automatically includes one year of maintenance (Support & Updates). After the initial year, you can choose to extend the maintenance period. We notify you about the maintenance expiration one month in advance.

The conditions of maintenance renewal for each license are as follows:

  • Single Corporate License (perpetual): the price of the annual maintenance renewal is $999 ($1499 for Premium Edition).
  • Single Corporate License (annual): annual maintenance is always included with an annual subscription; it doesn’t need to be renewed separately.
  • OEM license: there is a set price of annual maintenance renewal for each of the OEM bundles. Please contact our Customer Service Team for a quote.
  • SaaS license: annual maintenance is always included with an annual subscription; it doesn’t need to be renewed separately.
  • Unlimited Perpetual Distribution: there is a set price of annual maintenance renewal. Please contact our Customer Service Team for a quote.

License upgrades

In some cases, you may want to upgrade your license. For example, if you have a SaaS Starter license but the number of your clients is soon to be more than 10 companies, you might need to upgrade to a bigger SaaS plan.

Please contact the Customer Service Team for more information about your specific case.

Popular cross-license upgrades:

Upgrade from To
Single Corporate License OEM
OEM Unlimited Distribution License
SaaS Unlimited Distribution License

Upgrades within Single Corporate License and SaaS license are also possible:

Upgrade from To
Annual Single Corporate License Perpetual Single Corporate License
Single Corporate License Standard Edition Single Corporate License Premium Edition
SaaS Starter plan SaaS Professional plan

Also, if you need to extend support for your team, you can always upgrade your Standard Support (that comes with your license) to the Premium option. Feel free to contact your Customer Service Team for more details.


If you need a feature that is not available in Flexmonster, you can request a customization project from our development team.

Requirements, timeframe, and cost estimations are discussed individually for each project. If the requested feature is also useful to us, the development cost of the customization would be split equally between your company and Flexmonster. In this case, the feature will be added to the general build of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts.

Please note that Premium Support is always a prerequisite for any customization project.

If the requested feature is already on our development roadmap (for example, in the next major release), no special customization is needed. Feel free to check with us first before requesting customization.

Software License Agreement

The Flexmonster Software License Agreement is always available for your reference. It states terms and conditions governing the use of Flexmonster.