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Client Service Manager

Licensing management only
Licensing management
Maintaining support provided by developers
Prioritizing queries at the line

Technical online sessions

3 online sessions per year,
each session lasts up to 1 hour

Customization projects

Request customization evaluated by Flexmonster developers

Submit technical requirements for the wishlist

Your technical requirements can be considered for the future roadmaps

* – not included in SCL Basic

With Premium Support you get:
24×7 assistance
You can submit an unlimited number of queries in an email or over the phone to your personal Client Service Manager any time you face a technical issue or need any information related to technical or commercial part of using Flexmonster.
Processing a technical request within 24h
All your queries will be analyzed and commented by your personal Client Service Manager or technical support team within 24h from the moment it is submitted.
Delivering bug fixes and issue resolving
Depending on the complexity of your reported issue, you can be provided with fixes and recommendations in 2 main ways:
  • In case an issue or a bug is easily and instantly reproduced by our specialists, and the solution is in slightly changing the code, then the fix could be provided on the run – within 24h.
  • If an issue or a bug is not reproduced instantly and requires more information from you for identifying the problem or it is reproduced, but the fix requires more profound changes in the code and quality assurance tests, then the fix is included in the upcoming minor version. Usually, a new minor version is released each two weeks.
Technical support is provided by Flexmonster developers
Our premium support customers and premium SaaS/OEM partners are provided with the support from Flexmonster developers. It ensures that you can receive not only the fixes but also valuable recommendations and useful technical workarounds.
Technical online sessions with developers
With this option, you can rely on our full technical support while participating in 3 online sessions per year, each session lasts up to 1 hour. It will give you a possibility to discuss complicated cases, try a workaround provided by our developers in real time and ensure the identification and resolution of your problems in faster and more effective way.
Personal Client Service Manager
After becoming our premium customer or premium SaaS/OEM partner there will be your Personal Client Service Manager who would take care of all your issues and would provide you with all possible services. You will be able to apply for his/her assistance with phone calls, online sessions and emailing.
Taking part in completing a wishlist of features for future roadmaps
Our premium support customers have an exceptional possibility to share their wishes with our development team for future development of the component. Once such wishes are grouped in common requests we consider including them into the roadmap. So, the more similar functionality is requested by the other premium support customers, the sooner the needed feature will be included in the next releases.
Customization projects
In case you require a specific feature which is not yet represented in our default version you can order a customization made by our developers. There are 2 main approaches:
  • Prioritized development project. In case your requirement is already on our roadmap for future releases but you need to get the feature earlier or it is counted by our development team as a relevant for including into the default functionality, we charge only 50% of overall investment for development. Other 50% we take as our personal investment into the component.
  • Pure development project. When your requirement is qualified as being out of our development strategy we charge 100% of your investment.
Pricing terms

Please check our Annual Premium Support pricing terms for the Single Corporate License. If you need any additional information or the pricing of this option in SaaS or OEM licenses please ask our sales team.