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  • Introduction to Flexmonster Accelerator

    Flexmonster Accelerator for Microsoft Analysis Services cubes is a special server-side proxy that increases data loading speeds from the server to the user’s browser. Flexmonster Accelerator works with:

    • Microsoft Analysis Services multidimensional cubes.
    • Microsoft Analysis Services tabular models.
    • Azure Analysis Services tabular models.

    When working with OLAP cubes, a browser component communicates with the server via the XMLA protocol. The XMLA protocol is heavy and exchanges a lot of excessive information – it takes too much time and memory to load and process the data.

    We replaced the XMLA protocol and use direct requests from the component to the server.

    This is our solution to two major problems that many of those who work with big data face:

    • We made big data transfer from the server to the browser incredibly fast. Our tool allows you to transfer large multidimensional data super easily and quickly. Reporting becomes more enjoyable and prompt for your end users.
    • We greatly reduced the load on the browser memory.

    The diagram below shows how Flexmonster Accelerator transfers your data to Flexmonster Pivot:

    How Flexmonster Accelerator transfers your data to Flexmonster Pivot

    There are two ways to use Flexmonster Accelerator: