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  1. API reference
Connecting to Data Source
Configuring the component
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    System requirements

    • A web browser. It is recommended that you use the most up-to-date version available for the best experience. The minimum browser requirements are listed below:
      • Chrome 12+
      • Firefox 15+
      • Internet Explorer 11 (see usage note)
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Opera 15+
      • Safari 6.1+
      • iOS Safari 5.1.1+
    • JavaScript must be enabled.
    • The minimal recommended size for the pivot table component is 400×300px.

    Internet Explorer 11 support

    Starting from version 2.8.9, flexmonser.js was migrated to ES6 JavaScript standard, which is not supported by Internet Explorer 11. For Internet Explorer 11, we provide the flexmonster.es5.js build compliant with the ES5 standard. It is available:

    • Through the CLI and npm (along with flexmonster.es5.full.js)
    • On CDN
    • In the download package (inside the flexmonster/ folder)