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Connecting to Data Source
Configuring the component
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    System requirements

    • A web browser. It is recommended that you use the most up-to-date version available for the best experience. The minimum browser requirements are listed below:
      • Chrome 12+
      • Firefox 15+
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Opera 15+
      • Safari 6.1+
      • iOS Safari 5.1.1+
    • JavaScript must be enabled.
    • The minimal recommended size for the pivot table component is 400×300px.

    Internet Explorer 11 support

    Starting from version 2.9.39, Flexmonster no longer provides the ES5-compliant build needed for Internet Explorer 11 support. This means Flexmonster versions 2.9.39 and higher will not work in Internet Explorer 11.

    If you need the ES5-compliant build for Internet Explorer 11, contact our team.