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Flexmonster stops providing the ECMAScript 2009 (ES5) version of the product

ECMAScript 2009, also known as ES5, is the first major revision to JavaScript that was used for many years. Since then several new standards were released and now, in the development of our components, we use only the ES6 standard as it has improved performance and is supported by all modern browsers. The only browser that did not switch to ES6 is InternetExplorer 11, but in 2022 Microsoft stopped supporting it in favor of their new browser Edge.

Flexmonster always strives to follow new trends and provide customers with the most up-to-date technologies. So with that in mind, our team has decided it’s also time to fully move on to the new standard and stop supporting ECMAScript 5 (ES5) in further product development. 

Please note, from the minor version 2.9.39 our Flexmonster package will no longer contain the build compliant with the ES5 standard. This applies to:

  •  Flexmonster CLI package 
  •  NPM package 
  •  CDN package 
  • download package

Flexmonster has switched to ES6 and migrated flexmonster.js or flexmonster.full.js build compliant to the new standard in June 2020. So if your version of Flexmonster is 2.8.9 or higher and you don’t have any additional settings to use flexmonster.es5.js or flexmonster.es5.full.js – no additional actions are required. 

To check which Flexmonster version you are using, click on the grid and press Ctrl + Alt + i (Option + Control + i on macOS). The pop-up window will appear showing the version. To see the latest one check our release notes.

Since ES6 has become the new standard, we strongly recommend you switch to the latest version if you still use ES5. In that way, you can facilitate the development process, as most technologies and products support this standard and Flexmonster in particular. 

You can read more about the possible ways to update Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts to the latest version and get all the updated packages in the documentation.

If you still need flexmonster.es5.js or flexmonster.es5.full.js, please contact our Tech team, and we will provide you with the possible solutions.

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