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  • Introduction to the custom data source API

    This guide will introduce you to the idea of the custom data source API.

    What is the custom data source API?

    It is our communication protocol that helps you build a custom data source based on your server. The server must be responsible for loading, processing, and aggregating data. After implementing the protocol on your server, you can load the data from the server into Flexmonster, which will visualize the data.

    Which data sources can be used with it?

    The custom data source API doesn't limit your choice of a data source, as your server is responsible for working with data from the data source. The only limitation is that you must pass the data from your server to Flexmonster in the format required by the custom data source API. Using this approach, Flexmonster can be connected to any data source.

    Why should you use the custom data source API?

    • To save browser resources. All manipulations with data are performed by the server, resulting in faster data visualization and more efficient use of the browser's resources.
    • To work with large data amounts. The component will load only a subset of data needed for visualization. In this way, the dataset size is limited only by the server's capabilities.
    • To have full control over data. The custom data source API allows you to implement custom methods of loading, caching, and aggregating data. For example, you can create a new aggregation or change how an existing aggregation works.
    • To connect to your server that can already work with data. If you already have a server that can process and retrieve data, you can use it with Flexmonster by implementing the custom data source API.

    Important points to consider

    • Implementing completely new logic. If you don't have a ready-to-use server that can retrieve data from your data source and process the data, you will need to develop such a server from scratch.
      You can use our sample servers as a starting point to create your own implementation.
    • Requires more time and effort from developers. While developing your server allows you to create logic tailored for specific usage, it also requires more resources. The developers will need to read more documentation, create the new logic, and test this logic for bugs and errors.

    Getting started with the custom data source API

    Get started with the custom data source API by handling all Flexmonster requests on your server.

    We have prepared two sample servers with examples of handling the requests and working with data: