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  • Approaches for connecting to SSAS

    This section describes how to connect Flexmonster Pivot to Microsoft Analysis Services.

    Flexmonster supports both tabular and multidimensional model types. There are two ways to connect to Microsoft Analysis Services using Flexmonster Pivot:

    1. Via XMLA.
    2. Via Flexmonster Accelerator — our special server-side utility.

    Via XMLA

    XMLA is an industry standard for data access in analytical systems. Works for multidimensional models only.

    If you already have XMLA configured (msmdpump.dll), you can start with the following guide: Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services via XMLA.

    Via Flexmonster Accelerator

    Flexmonster Accelerator is a special server-side utility developed by Flexmonster. Works for both multidimensional and tabular models. We recommend this approach if you:

    • Do not have XMLA.
    • Use a tabular model.
    • Use Azure Analysis Services.
    • Need some advanced features (such as increased loading speeds, use of credentials, etc.).

    To learn more about the Accelerator, check out the following guide: Introduction to Flexmonster Accelerator.