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How long does the trial version last?
The trial version lasts 30 days. If you need to prolong it, you can request to extend your trial using a Contact Form. In case you are sure that our component is the right solution, but you are not ready to launch it in production, you can always start with the Annual Subscription for your development.
Is the trial version limited in functionality?
No, it is not. When you test the component, you can be 100% sure you have a full access to its functionality according to the edition you decided to evaluate. However, when you want to test the integration with the 3rd party charting libraries you should submit the request for a special temporary key.
What happens at the end of my trial?
The component stops working. If you need to prolong it, you can request to extend your trial through a Contact Form. In case you are sure that our component is the right solution, but you are not ready to launch it in production, you can always start with the Annual Subscription for your development.
Can I get a trial key without a watermark for demonstration?
Sure, you can. When you make a demo or PoC to your colleagues and especially clients, it is always nice to demonstrate the product as it really is. So, please contact our sales team to get a trial key without a watermark.
Single Corporate license annual subscription and perpetual license - what is the difference?
They are both for the internal usage within one company. The main difference in these licensing models is the period of validity. With an annual subscription, your pivot will work only during one year. With a perpetual license, it will work forever even if you don’t have a maintenance. Either with the annual subscription or the perpetual license, you will have one year of free maintenance (Support & Updates)*. Each time you purchase a new subscription it will include an annual maintenance automatically. For the perpetual license, you can decide to renew your annual maintenance or not after the free year expires. There is no difference in the functionality of the component and the SLA of our support.

* – Maintenance for SCL Basic includes Updates only

Can I use your Single Corporate License for my SaaS application?
No, our Single Corporate License can be applied for internal usage within one company, but not for the distribution in terms of SaaS.
How many licenses do I need to purchase?
It depends on your project. Please note that our license is charged for the deployment in the production environment (the website where our component runs). So if you are going to integrate it in your company or another company (your client), one license is enough. Please note that we do not charge on a per-developer basis.
How to check the license information of my component (version, edition)?
Please click on the grid and press Ctrl+Alt+i.
Will my component stop working after the expiration of an annual subscription?
Yes, once the subscription expires the component will stop working.
What is the annual maintenance? / How do you provide support for your component?
Our annual maintenance includes technical support provided by our developers and updates to the major versions (about two each year) and minor versions (one every two weeks). Basic Single Corporate License includes updates only.
Do I have to renew my subscription/maintenance after a year? What happens when my support expires?
If you use any of our annual licenses you would need to pay for a new subscription in one year just to have it working. Otherwise, you will not have an access to its functionality. When you hold a perpetual license you can decide whether to renew your annual maintenance or not. In any case, you will always have your component working. However, once your maintenance expires you will not be able to update your component to further versions released after that and your technical support queries will not be processed.
Do I need one license for all development team?
Yes, all our licensing models include a license key for unlimited development, so there is no limitation on the number of your developers integrating and using our component.
What are the benefits of the maintenance?
The benefits are the following:
  • Be sure that we would assist you with any technical issues
  • Get improvements and new versions
  • Request consultations and take part in promos
How can I buy your component?
There are several ways to make the payment.
  • You can buy any Single Corporate License directly at our website via PayPal.
  • You can request an invoice for any edition within any licensing model and process it with a bank transfer or check. Alternatively, you can apply for our online invoicing system and process it with a card via PayPal.
If you need a quotation or an invoice please contact our sales team.
How fast can I receive my license after the payment?
There is no automatic delivery after the payment. The license will be delivered once we have a confirmation from our Accounts Receivable. Surely, when you buy it via our website or using our online invoicing system you will receive the license within 24 hours after it is processed.
I need several licenses, is there a special offer?
Yes, we can offer you a discount for several licenses purchased at one time. Still, we would recommend you to evaluate our OEM Royalty option. Please contact our sales team.
Can I upgrade to a higher edition? Can I change the plan?
Yes, we do have different ways of upgrading to higher license models with very affordable offers, when you need to pay the difference cost only. Also, you can upgrade to a higher edition of the component. In some cases, you can change plans. Please see some options on Client information page or contact our sales team explaining your case to them and the upgrade you want to make.
Do you provide any discount for emerging markets?
Yes, in some cases we can offer you a special discount if your company is purely based in the country which takes part in Emerging Markets. Still, for the confirmation of the possibility to apply for such discount we would strongly recommend you to contact our sales team.
Still have some questions?
For further details please submit the Contact Form.