Pivot Table & Charts Component Documentation

Managing license keys

All Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component editions need a license key.

There are 2 ways to set a license key for the component:

  • via licenseKey parameter in JavaScript or Flex code
  • via TXT file – flexmonsterpivottablekey.txt

When you download a trial package, you receive a trial key within the package.

It is in component/ folder or in client/ folder (depending on the trial package you downloaded):

  • HTML5 version – component/index.html or client/index.html – set inline via licenseKey
  • Flash version – component/flexmonster/flexmonsterpivottablekey.txt
  • Flex version – component/flex/src/flexmonster/flexmonsterpivottablekey.txt

When you purchase the license, the trial key can be replaced by the license key.

Types of keys

There are the following types of keys:

  • Trial key is provided within the trial package to try the component. The component runs with a trial key without any restrictions, with all capabilities according to the downloaded edition. This key is temporary and has an expiration date. Usually, trial period lasts for 2 weeks.
  • Development license key is provided for development purposes. It is applicable to your local host environment. Using development key, the component can be run locally on your computer (localhost) or on the server using IP address. We do not license on per-developer basis, thus, you need only one license for the whole development team that works for the same project. This key is issued right after the purchase. Development license key can be limited in time or perpetual – depending on the purchased license.
  • Production license key is provided for the production environment (domain/URL) where the component runs (e.g. yourcompany.com). It is not obligatory to know the production domain at the moment of purchase. It is needed when you publish your application on the web, so you can ask for the production key later. This key is tied up to your domain name. Production license key can be limited in time or perpetual – depending on the purchased license.
  • Staging key can be issued by request after Flexmonster license purchase for testing on the real domain, but not in production environment.

You will receive development key right after Flexmonster license purchase. Also, as soon as you know the target domain/URL, the production key will be issued.

Component’s editions

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component is available in 4 editions, you can choose from: Professional HTML5, Enterprise Site HTML5, Enterprise Advanced HTML5 and Enterprise Premium HTML5.

There are some differences between them. Each edition has its own key which unlocks it.

Professional HTML5 edition is the simplest one but it already has a good set of instruments and features for analysis. Features available in Professional HTML5 edition are available in all other editions as well – in Site, Advanced and Premium. Features available in Enterprise Site HTML5 edition are available in two higher editions – in Advanced and in Premium. And so on. Please see the details below:

  • Professional HTML5 edition works with limited size CSV data sources (up to 2Mb) and limited size JSON data (up to 2000 records). This edition has professional features to work.
  • Enterprise Site HTML5 edition supports Mondrian, icCube, CSV and JSON data sources. CSV file has a limit up to 4Mb. JSON data has a limit up to 4000 records. This edition has professional and enterprise features to work.
  • Enterprise Advanced HTML5 edition supports Microsoft Analysis Services, Mondrian, icCube, CSV and JSON data sources. It has no restrictions for CSV files size and JSON data size. All professional and enterprise features are fully supported.
  • Enterprise Premium HTML5 edition supports all data sources and has all features. It includes premium 24/7 support.

For prices and detailed comparison of all features available for each component’s edition please visit Pricing & Download page.

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