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Customizing appearance

You can customize the appearance of the Component using CSS — the same way as for the regular HTML. All CSS styles of the Component provided by Flexmonster are in flexmonster/flexmonster.css inside the package.

We recommend you writing your custom CSS in a separate file (i.e. my-flexmonster-styles.css) and keep the original styles in flexmonster.css without changes. This will help you update Flexmonster Component to the newest versions much quicker and safer. You will not break new features and will easily maintain your custom CSS.

Please check Custom CSS Demo on, which uses custom styles for the grid on top of flexmonster.css.

CSS styles for toolbar

Best practice to apply your custom styles for toolbar is to look into flexmonster/toolbar/flexmonster.toolbar.css file and create a separate CSS file on its basis. And then include it in the HTML page with Flexmonster Pivot Component. In such a way you will override styles without changing the original files.