Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.120 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on October 26th, 2015

The latest 2.120 version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component is already available for download!

All updates are here:


1.[NEW] New parameter useOlapFormattingInExcel for exportTo() was added to configure how to export grid cells in Excel file if formatting is taken from OLAP cube – as a formatted string (true) or as numbers without formatting (false). Previously it was not configurable and the cells were exported as formatted strings.

2.[NEW] Now it’s possible to save data (for CSV/OCSV data sources) within the report file. Usage:

flexmonster.save("report.xml", "file", null, null, true);


Produced file will contain data in OCSV format.



3.[FIX] The issue related to non-changing of Grid view after changing a title of calculated formula in Calculated view was fixed.

4.[FIX] If an existing formula is used to create a new formula, the old formula in the editor is represented by its name instead of internal code.



5.[FIX] The truncation of long names in chart y-labels was fixed.

6.[FIX] The positioning of labels on X-axis was fixed.

7.[FIX] The issue with horizontal scrolling was fixed.

8.[FIX] An exception that occurred when switching to bar line chart with only one measure selected was fixed.

9.[FIX] The issue when showChartsWarning option did not turn off the warning on charts was fixed. The <param name = “showChartsWarning”>false</ param> in report XML works fine now.


Download the latest version with all updates. 

For all your questions or concerns feel free to use our Free Technical Support.

Stay tuned!



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