Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.203 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on January 4th, 2016

With the beginning of the new year we have prepared the newest 2.203 minor release. We hope you had wonderful holidays and are ready for new opportunities that this year brings to you. Be sure, Flexmonster Team has a lot of plans this year that you will definitely enjoy.

As for now, new updates are ready:


1.[NEW] The component uses the filename as it comes to exportTo() API call, without converting it to lowercase.

2.[NEW HTML5] Localization for right-click Context Menu is now available. Example:


 <clearSorting>Clear Sorting</clearSorting>



 <openFilter>Open Filter</openFilter>

 <sortColumnAsc>Sort Column Asc</sortColumnAsc>

 <sortColumnDesc>Sort Column Desc</sortColumnDesc>

 <sortRowAsc>Sort Row Asc</sortRowAsc>

 <sortRowDesc>Sort Row Desc</sortRowDesc>

 <drillThrough>Drill Through</drillThrough>


3.[NEW ACCELERATOR] Logging to “flexmonster.log.txt” file was added.



4.[FIX] The issue with setting “customSorting” via runQuery() method was fixed.

5.[FIX] The exception when refresh() was called right after setting data from API was fixed.

6.[FIX] The issue with missing rows in Classic View was fixed.

7.[FIX] Predefined drilled down members were fixed.



8.[FIX] Context menu for Flat Table was fixed.

9.[FIX] The issue with jQuery and Flexmonster in WordPress sites was fixed.

10.[FIX] The issue with Aggregations View out-of-screen position was fixed.

11.[FIX] Using the same color on Bar Line chart for particular layouts was fixed.

12.[FIX] The issue when pivot table could be hanged by CSS table {width: 100%;} was fixed.

13.[FIX] Handling of inappropriate input data for date fields (numbers, booleans, etc. – anything except string) was fixed.



14.[FIX] The issue with hidden “pages” hierarchies in the Filter View was fixed.


15.[FIX ACCELERATOR] The issue with Values field on rows was fixed.

16.[FIX ACCELERATOR]  The issue with drill down/up for Data Accelerator was fixed.


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