Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.215 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on June 20th, 2016

The latest 2.215 version of Pivot Table & Charts Component with plenty of new updates and fixes is already available for download! This time in new minor you can find new printing improvements for Pivot (Flash/Flex version only) and some other fixes that could be helpful when using Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component.

Please check the list of all changes for all versions (HTML5/Flex/Flash) below:


1.[NEW] New attribute showEmptyData was added. If you have an empty CSV data source, but the header is defined and you want the Pivot to show it so, you can set showEmptyData as true and it will show your slice with empty data cells. The default value is false – the Component shows the “Data source is empty. Please check the CSV file.” message.

2.[NEW HTML5/FLASH] ‘Multiple values’ checkbox in the toolbar is shown as checked/unchecked based on chartMultipleMeasures property of the current report.

3.[NEW HTML5] Now jsPivotUpdateHandler is triggered on setFormat() API call.

4.[NEW FLASH / FLEX] The printing for pivot was improved.

5.[NEW FLASH] New printing option shrinkToPage was added. If it has value true, it allows to shrink all the columns to make them fit the page width.

6.[NEW FLASH] Now in Flash version after clicking on printing button you will see popup window with printing orientation options.



7.[FIX] The issue with corruption of exported Excel files caused by invalid characters in grid title was fixed.



8.[FIX] The issue with formatting that contains Swiss thousand separator was fixed.

9.[FIX] The issue with filtering numeric fields was fixed.

10.[FIX] The issue with an exception in IE11 while using Accelerator was fixed.

11.[FIX] The issue with grand totals for difference aggregation was fixed.


12.[FIX ACCELERATOR SSAS] The issue with HTTP Error 413 ‘Request Entity Too Large’ was fixed.


The latest 2.215 version of Flexmonster is available for download.

If you have some questions or suggestions that you want to see in next minor releases, please leave them in our Question section. Also, follow our blog where you can find the latest news regarding the Component.

See you in two weeks with more updates!

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