Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.222 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on September 26th, 2016

Are you ready to update you Pivot table component to the latest 2.222 version? Please, download the latest updates of 2.222 minor release, but check the fixes before:


1.[FIX] The issue with filtering behavior was fixed.

2.[FIX] The issue with hanging while loading specific OCSV file was fixed.



3.[FIX] The issue when string data is parsed from the .csv file in Chrome as Date was fixed.

4.[FIX] The issue with browser freezing when loading local OCSV file with old format was fixed.


As always, our developers are ready to help with any of your requests in Question section.

Besides, if you didn’t have a chance to look through our blog post, please see the detailed review about one of the upcoming feature of such awaited 2.3 Release:

Integrate with popular frameworks just with a few lines of code.

We will keep you informed on progress, so follow our updates.

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