Flexmonster’s Biweekly Report: New Enhancements in 2.208 Minor Release

Antonina Krus posted on March 14th, 2016

Here you can find the promised 2.208 minor release with plenty of new updates and fixes. Please update your version of the Flexmonster Component to the newest one.

See the full list of all enhancements below:


1.[NEW ACCELERATOR SSASNow it’s possible to install the Accelerator as a Windows Service.

Main benefits of running Accelerator as a Windows Service are:

  • it’s running in the background and out of sight;
  • it’s started automatically on Windows startup;
  • it’s harder for a user to inadvertently quit the application.


Please check out our tutorial How to install Accelerator as a Windows Service.



2.[FIX] The issue with measures hierarchy on the first position in columns was fixed.

3.[FIX] The issue with number formatting in exported to Excel file when the numbers were shown as “$” string (if currencySymbol=”$” and thousandsSeparator=””) was fixed.

4.[FIX] The issue when rows’ height were not being restored for Classic View was fixed.

5.[FIX] The issue with the blinking of “No data to display on charts” message on charts was fixed.

6.[FIX] The issue with ‘aggregation‘ and ‘availableAggregations’ inconsistency was fixed.

7.[FIX HTML5/FLASH] Improved JSON demo that illustrates how to set report based on JSON data right in embedPivotComponent(), without jsPivotCreationCompleteHandler.



8.[FIX] The issue with the HTML tags appearing in the filter was fixed.

9.[FIX] The issue with HTML tags in PDF export was fixed.

10.[FIX] The members with HTML tags are converted to plain text to be displayed on charts’ X axis, legend and tooltips.

11.[FIX] The issue with missing measure in default slice was fixed.

12.[FIX] The issue with the cut column title bottom after PDF export was fixed.

13.[FIX] The issue with cells squeezing after exporting to Excel 2013 was fixed.

14.[FIX] The issue with duplication of the first column of Flat View on each page of the exported PDF was fixed.

15.[FIX] The issue with Chinese input when editing cells in Flat Table or Drill-through was fixed.

16.[FIX] The exception that occurred when a user completed cell editing in a Flat Table was fixed.

17.[FIX] The issue when a script error occurs if CSV data file contains only column header was fixed.

18.[FIX] The issue when rows’ height and columns’ width were set to default values if a user expands/collapses some node was fixed.

19.[FIX] The exceptions because of invalid negative value for <svg> attribute width was fixed. It occurred if a user was resizing the browser window when the Component was hidden by using AngularJS ng-show.

20.[FIX] The issue with connectTo() for JSON was fixed. 



21.[FIX] The loading of OCSV data from the stream was fixed.


22.[FIX ACCELERATOR Mondrian] The issue with ignoring “visible” property for Dimensions and Hierarchies was fixed.

23.[FIX ACCELERATOR Mondrian] The issue with Cube name/caption conflict was fixed.

24.[FIX ACCELERATOR SSAS] The issue with timeout on expandAll() call was fixed.


Download 2.208 version of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component.

Also, If you have any technical questions about our Component please subscribe for Free Technical Support.


There is more to come.

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