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Connect to MS Analysis Services

View huge data volumes from OLAP cubes with Flexmonster Pivot table. You can connect to Microsoft Analysis Services using XMLA. Flexmonster is a pivot component for OLAP reporting that works as JavaScript OLAP viewer for the back-end cubes. We support cubes created in both tabular and multidimensional modes. JavaScript component connects to the cube to be able to get the dimensions, hierarchies, their properties, KPIs and measures from the OLAP cube to the browser. Each time a user selects what slice of data is needed using the component’s UI, Flexmonster composes MDX queries to retrieve the data from the OLAP cube. Find detailed tutorial in our documentation: Connecting to MS Analysis Services via XMLA.

Such option as the increase of loading speed is available through Flexmonster Accelerator. This server-side tool is provided by our JS Pivot table component as a replacement for XMLA. Read about it here: Getting started with Accelerator.