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Configuring Mondrian roles


Sometimes it’s necessary to limit access to some parts of the data. To solve this you can define an access-control profile, called a Role, as part of the Mondrian schema and set this role when establishing a connection with Flexmonster Pivot Component.


  • Flexmonster Pivot Component version 2.210 or higher
  • Relational database and Mondrian schema for it
  • Java JRE 1.7+

Step 1: Configure roles in Mondrian schema file

First of all, you need to configure roles in the Mondrian schema file. Please refer to the Mondrian documentation for more details.

Step 2: Launch Flexmonster Accelerator

Start (or restart) Flexmonster Accelerator for Mondrian. Please refer to the Accelerator “Getting Started” guide for more details.

Step 3: Configure Flexmonster Pivot Component

Now, let’s specify Mondrian roles in the configuration. Here is a minimal sample created with JavaScript API (replaceproxyUrl, catalog, cube and roles parameters with your specific values):

var pivot = $("#pivotContainer").flexmonster({
	toolbar: true, 
	report: {
		dataSource: {
			dataSourceType: "mondrian",
			proxyUrl: "localhost:50006",
			dataSourceInfo: "MondrianFoodMart",
			catalog: "FoodMart",
			cube: "Sales",
			binary: true,
			// Mondrian roles
			roles: "California manager"