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MS Analysis Services / Configuring username/password protection


Flexmonster Pivot Component supports credentials to access the data source. It is commonly used for the following purposes:

  • provide credentials for data source connectivity
  • provide access for users with different roles and access levels

Here are the step-by-step instructions to configure secure connection with username/password protection and define different usernames on the client side.


  • Flexmonster Pivot Component v2.205 ADVANCED edition or higher
  • Microsoft Analysis Services installed and configured
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher

Step 1: Configure secure HTTP endpoint for accessing an Analysis Services

First of all, you need to set up HTTP endpoint for Analysis Services on IIS server. If it is already done, skip this step. Regarding IIS configuration, please refer to the MSDN documentation. In this step, you also configure authentication types.

Step 2: Create a default user for Accelerator

One username/password is used in the flexmonster.config file for the Accelerator on the server side. In general, Accelerator will use these credentials if client-side report does not contain own credentials. Also, these credentials are used to start the Accelerator, check connection to the data source and connect anonymous users. So, it is recommended to create a user for Accelerator with minimum privileges and DO NOT use an admin account for this purpose.

Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management and choose System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. Add a new user (i.e. flexmonster) by right-click as shown in the screenshot.


Step 3: Configure Accelerator

Open flexmonster.config and specify following CONNECTION_STRING parameters:

CONNECTION_STRING=Data Source=<endpoint_url>;UID=<username>;Password=<password>;


  • <endpoint_url> – URL to HTTP endpoint (i.e. http://localhost/ssas/msmdpump.dll)
  • <username> – username of the default user (i.e. flexmonster)
  • <password> – password of the default user

Accelerator is ready to be launched and should successfully connect to the data source. Just run the flexmonster-proxy-ssas.exe with Administrator privileges.

You can check the Accelerator is up and running by navigating to its URL in the browser (i.e. http://localhost:50005).

Step 4: Configure Flexmonster Pivot Component

All data that is sent by HTTP is not encrypted and username/password can be intercepted. We recommend using credentials only with HTTPS. HTTPS encrypts all data that is sent from the client to Accelerator.
Read more at How to configure secure HTTPS connection.

Now, let’s specify credentials for Analysis Services user in the configuration. Here is a minimal sample created with JavaScript API (replace proxyUrl, catalog, cube and credentials parameters with your specific values):

var pivot = $("#pivotContainer").flexmonster({
	toolbar: true, 
	report: {
		dataSource: {
			dataSourceType: "microsoft analysis services",
			proxyUrl: "http://localhost:50005",
			catalog: "Adventure Works DW Standard Edition",
			cube: "Adventure Works",
			binary: true,
			username: "webuser",
			password: "1234"

Also, it’s possible to create XML report with the same configuration:

  <dataSource type="microsoft analysis services">
    <catalog>Adventure Works DW Standard Edition</catalog>
    <cube>Adventure Works</cube>
    <!-- Credentials of Analysis Services user -->